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More Beautiful and Smarter Ouyue Avenue Expressway
Date:2023-09-05 15:17:01 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Ouyue Avenue Expressway becomes more beautiful.

As the Hangzhou Asian Games draws near, citizens who drive through the elevated Ouyue Avenue Expressway in the evenings recently will notice significant transformations along this vital route to the games venues. It is known from Wenzhou City Infrastructure Construction Investment Co., Ltd.(WCICI), a subcompany of Wenzhou City Construction Development Group Co., Ltd, that the Company, in its pursuit of enhancing the Asian Games commuter roads’ image, has embarked on a mission closely aligned with the overarching objective of hosting a successful event and elevating the city. Their relentless efforts are focused on cultivating a clean, secure, orderly, beautiful and harmonious, and smoothly flowing thoroughfare—a true embodiment of the “most beautiful city expressway”.

“Smoothness” is on the top priority of transportation. Since the Ouyue Avenue Expressway is an important north-to-south channel in Wenzhou, WCICI has taken the initiative to set up Chinese and English bilingual road signs, active luminous traffic signs and real-time traffic prompts within the expressway. By accessing the Amap for real-time linkage and displaying road traffic status and travel time in advance, it effectively induced drivers to choose fast paths, and achieved active adjustment of the traffic flow.

In view of the feedback of ramp congestion from the public, recently, WCICI actively contacted the traffic management department on the basis of drivers’ opinions. Therefore, it successively optimized and transformed the intersection lanes such as Ouhai Avenue Interchange Area, Wenzhou High School and Longxia Road, which greatly improved the speed of both vehicles and pedestrians.

In order to make this road “smarter”, WCICI also carried out real-time monitoring of the surrounding environment. When the illuminance and visibility are lower than the set threshold, the backlight system will be automatically turned on to actively emit light. This also makes the Expressway the Wenzhou’s first smart expressway with “international style”.

To improve the scenery along the Expressway and enhance the city’s “look”, WCICI has established an urban transportation hub with a focus on ecological, iconic, functional, safe, and environmentally friendly landscaping in the area where Ouyue Avenue and Ouhai Avenue intersect. This project features diverse and colorful plants, covering a total area of 1,860 square meters, with 1,391 square meters dedicated to seasonal flower beds, and 469 square meters designated for a colorful border. Additionally, there are 5 groups of flower borders and 28 shrubs and 9 large arbor trees.

At the same time, the Company also used the strip light source projection to brighten the facade of the interchange area. Due to the tight schedule and heavy tasks, the lighting construction was completed in the way of “assembling material in the daytime and installing the light equipment in the late night”, increasing investment, making a whole plane, and rushing all nights. It took 40 days to complete the project of more than 2,000 meters of box girder and ramp in the interchange area. It is reported that the lighting has been incorporated into the city’s landscape lighting “one switch” control system, effectively improving its intelligent management.

While beautifying the key areas, WCICI carefully maintained the flower box greening along the elevated expressway. Overcoming the unfavorable factors of hot weather, the Company replanted and replaced the seedlings in bad conditions such as those are residual, diseased and missing in the flower box. By doing so, it made the greening along the Expressway fully prepared for the Asian Games.