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171 Hangzhou Asian Games torches arrive in Wenzhou
Date:2023-09-19 14:40:26 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

A total of 171 torches for the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, packed into 19 special delivery boxes, were sent from Ningbo to Wenzhou at around 10 am on Sept 4 by special vehicles. That night, after the vehicles exited the expressway, the police that had been waiting right there immediately escorted the torches to its designated storage.

The torch handover ceremony of the 19th Asian Games kicked off at 2 pm on the same day in Ningbo, one of the co-host cities. Jin Long, a staff member for the preparation of the Games in Wenzhou’s Lucheng district, attended the ceremony and traveled together with the torches in its journey to Wenzhou. He told reporters that he was immediately caught by the torch, named “Eternal Flame”, at first sight even without touching it.

Jin said that at the handover ceremony, the organizers introduced every unique aspect of the torch, covering its design, craftsmanship, and advanced technology applied. Its design was inspired by Hangzhou’s Liangzhu Culture as the torch is shaped in a way that “grows” from bottom to top. The torch head is characterized by the meaning of Jade Cong, one of the ritual jades, while the torch body is designed based on the evolution from dermatoglyphic fingerprint patterns specific to the Liangzhu Culture. The upper part of the torch is in Osmanthus Gold, gradually transitioning downwards to “Rainbow Purple”, main colors of the Games. The bottom of the torch is also printed with seal script, derived from that of the Xiling Seal Engraver’s Society, the oldest and most influential academic group in studying seal engraving in China.

The torch’s production method is also awe-inspiring. With an overall height of 730 millimeters and a net weight of 1,200 grams, the torch even stands out among the torch designs from previous major events since it is backed by natural flame and intelligent technology at the core. The traceability mechanism is used to ensure the authenticity of the raw materials. For the metal part, the AA 1070 rotary forming process is adopted with the surface undergoing laser engraving and anodization. The grip made of recycled raw materials is eco-friendly, light and easy to hold, and the fuel is heated with biomass gas, which is safe, clean and reliable.

Jin was most interested in the torch’s “advanced technologies”. As introduced in the promotional video, the torch manufacturing team used a number of independently developed patented technologies to ensure the flame stability. The torch thus possesses strong resistance to wind and rain, able to withstand a force 8 gale and heavy rainfall.

After the handover ceremony, more than 2000 torches, along with lighter stands, lighter torches, flame storage boxes, lanterns, lantern boxes, and torch holders, would be sent to 11 cities across the province. During the loading of torches, Jin noticed that the special delivery box was quite “solid”. “Wenzhou will receive 171 torches, evenly packed into 19 boxes, with 9 torches in each box. The net weight of 9 torches is about 10 kilograms, but the gross weight of the entire box reached 30 kilograms,” said Jin.

At 4:50 pm, Jin and his colleagues loaded the last box of torches onto the vehicle which would embark on its journey southward to Wenzhou via expressway network. At 9:30 pm, the torches met with their receivers in Wenzhou and arrived at the designated storage half an hour later.

It is worth mentioning that on Sept 5, 1990, the torch of the 11th Asian Games Beijing 1990 was also transported to Wenzhou by postal special vehicles. Following its delivery, Wenzhou at that time held a running event as the torch was carried through the city, igniting the passion of the local residents.