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Wenzhou Sees Over 50 Ongoing 5G+Industrial Internet Projects
Date:2023-09-19 14:39:58 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The manufacturing application scenarios of 5G+Industrial Internet are providing data support for optimizing production and scientific management of enterprises. As of May this year, Wenzhou has established more than 23,000 5G base stations, which have fully covered the city’s administrative villages. Meanwhile, the construction of gigabit fiber optic networks is being accelerated. Currently, the city has set up the Wenzhou 5G+ Industrial Internet Project Libraries with ongoing projects up to over 50.

With the gradual extension of 5G technology, more and more companies in Wenzhou are adopting 5G+Industrial Internet to make a good profit from intelligent manufacturing. Now, the city has seen mushrooming manufacturing industry cluster projects, such as Huafeng Group's 5G data acquisition and AGV, Desai Group's 5G live streaming room, Juyi Group's 5G smart warehousing, and Taili Electrics’ 5G data collection. Relying on the 5G technology, the city built a digital economy system last year with Industrial Brain + Future Factory as the core. The projects, such as the Yueqing Intelligent Electrical Industry Cluster, Ruian Automobile and Parts Industry Cluster, Pingyang Printing and Packaging Equipment Industry Cluster, Lucheng Shoe Making Industry Cluster, and Yongjia Pump and Valve Industry Cluster, were selected as pilot ones for new intelligent manufacturing, ranking among the top in number in Zhejiang Province.

To construct 5G fully-connected factories means to create novel and advanced ones by making use of the next-generation of integrated information and communication technology represented by 5G to construct new-type of industrial Internet infrastructure, build or renovate workshop- and factory- or other tier production sites to promote the high-quality, cost-effective, efficient, green, and safe development of traditional industries. To this end, the city has rolled out relevant policies. According to the policies, subsidies and rewards will be granted for transformation using 5G technology, and to the Industrial manufacturing companies that carry out production line 5G transformation, achieve continuous 5G network coverage in production areas, and have a definite 5G application development plan, subsides (max. 5 million yuan) will be given at 30% of their actual investment in hardware, software and data flow charge. Last year, promoted by the policies, Wenzhou became a city with“double gigabit networks”, and established 58 influential industrial Internet platforms, ranking 27th among the national top 100 cities in digital economy.

During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Wenzhou will establish a project library for 5G fully-connected factories, which will focus on the traditional pillar industries, such as electricity, footwear, clothing, auto parts, and pumps and valves.The city will create a batch of distinctive applications and model projects, driving in-depth exploration in industry demands and 5G application scenarios along the industrial chain, and accelerating the transformation of characteristic and advantageous manufacturing industries from regional massive economies to modern industrial clusters.