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Yueqing-based YMSA holds Meeting for Revitalizing Tourism
Date:2023-08-18 16:05:25 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The Yandang Mountain Scenic Area (YMSA) held an oath-taking meeting for revitalizing tourism on August 14th. The meeting declared the new development blueprint, and sounded the clarion call on participants to do solid work for making historic strides.

Known as the "No. One” mountain in southeast China", Yandang is one of the national key scenic areas first approved and 5A tourist attractions. It is the only World Geopark in Zhejiang Province. As a prominent tourist destination, Yandang attracts countless visitors every year with its magnificent natural scenery and profound historical culture. However, in recent years, the development of the scenic area has been somewhat restricted due to limitations from scenic area protection plans, conservative business models, undiversified product supply, and not good enough services.

In this context, its transformation and upgrading is imperative. The meeting  issued the document "Three-Year Action Plan for tourism revitalization of Yandang Mountain Scenic Area (2023-2025)". It proposes to comprehensively promote six major actions, including "reconstructing tour routes, restoring ecology, reviving culture, upgrading villages, adjusting business forms and recreating IP" in the next three years, aiming to comprehensively upgrade the scenic area.

According to the action plan, the YMSA will focus on building its three major gateways in the east, west and north, and implementing the projects, such as tourist centers, resort hotels, and scientific popularization and training centers to enhance visitors’ experience. Meanwhile, transport supporting projects, including connecting roads between the east and west gateways, the Baifu scenic route, and the Longxi-Furong Tunnel, will be constructed to improve the transport environment and further facilitate sightseeing. A new leisure tourism model of "three-dimensional sightseeing plus a mountaintop resort" with two high-standard and distinctive mountain-climbing routes will be created. The YMSA will also emphasize the development of resorts and healthcare, outdoor experiences, cultural exchanges, and other business forms to reshape the layout of the scenic area with "Two cliffs and One waterfall" as the core.

The YMSA will implement the projects, such as ecological restoration of Yanhu ridge and transformation of mountain forest forms, promote the construction of the Longxi Reservoir and the comprehensive management of Baixi and Dajingxi River basins to conserve water sources at multiple points. By further tapping into the five major cultural heritages, such as famous Buddhist mountains and volcanic geology as well as poetry, paintings and inscriptions, the YMSA is to build the Demonstration Zone for Yandan Mountain Poetry, Painting and Cultural Tourism Revitalization. In addition, the area will be better managed with its villages to be renovated, so as to develop a number of countryside tourism destinations with distinctive Yandang Mountain characteristics.

The meeting participants total over 300, who are from Yueqing City’s administrative departments, townships, villages (communities), cultural tourism enterprises, and tourism agencies. Representatives from Yandang Township Government, Yueqing City Bureau of Culture, Radio-Television, Tourism and Sports, and Lingyan Village of Yandang Township , as well as companies of Zhejiang Jingshan Cultural Tourism and Yandang Mountain Qujiang Cultural Tourism delivered speeches on project promotion, tourism element guarantee, service improvement, and so on.