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Wenzhou Builds 29 Beautiful Water Towns and Villages This Year
Date:2023-08-18 16:04:12 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On the top of Heding Mountain in Cangnan County, white wind turbines turn with the wind, delivering green electricity to thousands of households.

Sanyang Wetland has been upgraded into a“paradise”at our doorstep

Many citizens work out every morning along the Jiushan Road where trees make pleasant shades.

To welcome the first National Ecological Day (Aug.5th), Wenzhou released its list of “beautiful water towns and villages” of year 2023, in which 29 towns and villages (sub-districts), including Nanhui Sub-districts in Lucheng District and Chashan Sub-districts in Ouhai District, were listed.

According to the requirements of Zhejiang provincial government, Wenzhou plans to build 12 “beautiful water towns and villages” this year. However, thanks to the self-propulsion and hard work of each town and village, 29 towns and villages had passed the on-the-spot verification and evaluation by the expert group. The completion rate of Wenzhou in the construction of “beautiful water towns and villages” this year is 242%, making itself the first city in Zhejiang province to fully finish the municipal acceptance.

Recently, the reporter visited Xianxi Town of Yueqing City, a new “beautiful water town”, and saw the green stream water flowing through the spaced rectangle stones and being diverted by the fish scale dyke in the Hengxitou Weir Dam in Zhuoyu Village of the town. Kong Chengcang, a village cadre, told the reporter that the transformation of the weir dam last year not only helped flood control, but also improved the irrigation of 300 mu(200000 ㎡) farmland in Hekou Village on the opposite side of Zhuoyu Village. At the same time, in the guidance of “one dam and one theme”, they had created water culture spots based on the local landscapes, such as bamboo forests and streams, which had got popular online and attracted many people to come.

It is reported that since 2021, when the project of “beautiful water towns and villages” was launched, Wenzhou has been strictly adhered to the construction standards. It took the in-depth promotion of the river (lake) chief system as a key work, constructed beautiful rivers and lakes, hydrophilic spots, etc., fully explored local characteristics, and built “beautiful water towns and villages” rich in Wenzhou elements. Currently, Wenzhou has a total of 61 “beautiful water towns and villages”.

In constructing “beautiful water towns and villages”, work has been focused on fixing and widening sea embankments, improving their tide defense capabilities; upgrading and strengthening dry dykes; improving the management of small and medium-sized rivers; and reinforcing the protection for reservoirs and mountain ponds, improving the city’s overall flood control capability. Wenzhou has also made great efforts in dredging, connecting blind rivers, improving the management of river banks, restoring ecological environment, demolishing illegal buildings and building green landscapes, treating water pollution ecologically and so on. As a result, it has gradually built ecological revetments based on water quality purification, beach revetments featured as habitats, and landscape revetments for urban hydrophilic tours, so that we can see fish swimming in clear waters.

Meanwhile, with the concept of “water conservancy +”, Wenzhou fully met the masses’ actual needs for cultural inheritance, fitness, and tourism and leisure, by building various hydrophilic facilities such as swimming pools, camping beaches and hydrophilic parks along rivers and lakes. Making full use of beautiful river and lake landscapes and other high-quality water resources, Wenzhou encouraged the development of flavor food, camping and homestay along the rivers, and helped increase employment and income for the residents.

Next, Wenzhou will strengthen systematic governance, departmental coordination and comprehensive implementation to give full play to the important role of river and lake resources in deepening the Zhejiang's green rural revival Project “one thousand villages demonstration and ten thousand villages renovation”, supporting rural revitalization and promoting regional development, therefore build a harmonious and mutual-prosperous “hydrophilic circle” for man and water.