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Longgang welcomes the Asian Games with diverse cultural and sports activities
Date:2023-08-15 17:44:01 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Literary Longgang

Longgang (county-level) city warmly welcomes the upcoming Asian Games with a variety of cultural and sports activities, creating a great atmosphere.

This year, in accordance with the provincial and municipal “Three Initiatives” of promoting the Asian Games, and the specific action plan of "Welcoming the Asian Games, Enjoying the Event, and Exploring Wenzhou", the comprehensive achievements of the demonstration zone for common prosperity and the construction of "Important Window" have been showcased. This fully displays the city image of Longgang. Besides hosting intense sports events, Longgang also organizes diverse cultural and entertainment activities to greet the arrival of the Asian Games.

Not long ago, the creative painting collection of "Welcoming the Games, Picturing the Future" was successfully held, co-hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Longgang City Committee and the New Era Civilization Practice Center of Longgang. Simultaneously, the cultural evening event themed "Welcoming the Harmonious Asian Games, Building a Happy Longgang" was held at Jiulongzhu Square on Riverside. The event was sponsored by the Xindu Community Neighborhood Committee and sent over by the Xindu Village Art Troupe, with nearly 500 participants. It was enriched with fantastic performances--seventeen programs including musical instruments playing, dances, songs, stories, martial arts, the African drum performance "Standing on the Grassland, Looking towards Beijing," the Guqin performance "Listening to Rain on the Mountainside," and the solo singing of "Walking Together in Happy China," took turns. Additionally, "Singing and Praising Baiyue (the coastal area in southeast China), Welcoming the Asian Games”, Longgang Dramatists Association's Arts Performance, was held at the Longgang City Culture Center. It was hosted by Longgang Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism, and News Publishing, as well as the Longgang Literary and Art Federation, and organized by the Longgang Dramatists Association.

On July 15th, Longgang embarked on an activity titled "Welcoming the Games - 'Reading'(with the same pronunciation of “leaping”) into the Future". In the following one and a half months, citizens can visit different city studies in Longgang, measuring the city's cultural depth with each step and feeling its warmth. The objective is to continually enhance the reputation of Wenzhou's "City Studies" and contribute to the development of "Wenzhou,a Happy City Featuring a Millennium-old Trade Port”. During this period of time, all five city studies in Longgang will take part in this activity. According to a relevant official of Longgang, apart from welcoming the Asian Games, this activity is also aimed to promote the construction of "Literary Longgang, Reading City", and encourage students to make good use of the summer vacation, put down their cellphones, pick up books, and enjoy a joyful summer in city studies.