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Rui'an finishes 55% of summer grain procurement
Date:2023-08-01 09:55:41 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Wu Dongshu, a major grain grower in Mayu Town, transported grain into the warehouse.

In the past few days, early rice harvest has ended in Wenzhou, and the summer grain procurement has also started. Grain Reserve Depots across Rui'an opened to receive grain, and local authorities promptly launched measures to help farmers accelerate the grain procurement.

On July 21, farmers were busy transporting their grains in front of the Mayu Grain Reserve Depot in Rui'an. Wu Dongshu, one of the major grain growers, was among them. She arranged four grain trucks to the grain storage depot, each loaded with 8,500 kilograms of summer grain. After the staff of the grain elevator completed the weighing, sampling, and testing, the high-quality rice on the truck was continuously transported to the granary through the conveyor.

"The batch of rice stored today is the last batch of 34,000 kilograms of 'ordered grain.' This year our cooperative sold 465,000 kilograms of grain," Wu said, "If the rice is transported to the grain elevator, farmers don't need to worry about testing, removing impurities, etc. The grain elevator will handle it well and store it safely." To protect the interests of farmers to the greatest extent, Mayu Town urges the local grain storage depots to conduct a comprehensive calibration of measuring instruments and testing instruments and repair and maintain related mechanical equipment to ensure accurate measurement and standard grain storage before procurement.

This year, smart technologies and machines have been used in Rui'an's grain harvest and procurement, which has greatly improved the speed of grain storage. For example, Wu Dongshu planted more than 1,200 mu (800,000 square meters) of early rice this year and signed a grain purchase order of 465,000 kilograms with a grain purchase and storage company. From July 7, she dispatched 2 to 5 harvesters for the early rice every day, and it took only 10 days to complete the harvest. Also, she invested in the purchase of a new dryer, which can dry up to 90,000 kilograms of summer grain a day.

"This year, we will do our best to ensure that the grain is stored in the warehouse and the grain payment is credited to the account, to effectively protect the interests of farmers in growing grain," Xu Guangfu, general manager of Rui'an Grain Collection and Storage Company, told the reporter. This year, Zhejiang province will give as many early rice orders as possible to ensure every farmer’s grain to be procured. This year, 6 grain storage depots in Rui'an have opened to receive grain. Since July 8, 19.8 million kilograms of orders have been completed so far, accounting for 55% of the total orders.