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Golmud Teenagers Wenzhou Tour kicks off
Date:2023-07-24 10:31:21 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

In the Wuma Street, children, teachers and tourists from Golmud joined the "Guozhuang Dance" together.

Teenagers from Golmud, Qinghai Province, made first stop tour of the theme event "Golmud Teenagers Wenzhou Tour" in the central square of Wuma Street, Lucheng District, on the afternoon of July 16. They and Wenzhou teenagers delivered an extraordinary cultural performance for the locals.

More than 50 Golmud teenagers from Golmud Minzu Middle School and Changjiangyuan Minzu School were dressed in ethnic costumes and put in a dance performance of "A Letter to President Xi," the highlight of the Changjiangyuan Minzu School's meticulous preparation. And audience felt the charm of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau culture from Tibetan mandolin playing and singing "Beautiful Legend," Mongolian traditional dance "Auspicious Andai," and other performances.

Even though it was scorching hot, many tourists and citizens crowded around the stage. They either held their mobile phones to take pictures and videos or cheered for the show.

Also, Wenzhou teenagers went to great lengths to prepare for this show. The chorus "Poetry in the City" from Wenzhou Children's Art School manifested Wenzhou's customs and traditions in the lyrics, and "I give Wenzhou a thumbs up," a Wenzhou nursery rhyme, from Wenzhou Daily showed Wenzhou's beautiful scenery and delicious food.

Wenzhou Children's Art School's new original dance, "Ding Ding Dang's Covenant," combines "Ding Ding Dang," a Wenzhou folk song, with Tibetan dances and tells the communication and friendship between Wenzhou and Golmud teenagers. The performance seemed tailor-made for this event, and the sonorous and powerful dance brought it to a climax.

At the end of the performance, Golmud teenagers led locals and tourists to join in the Tibetan dance. Accompanied by the cheerful music, everyone swayed their arms and trembled steps, and danced in a circle with melodious tunes, showing the ethnic charm of Tibetan dance in Wuma Street.

The performance was broadcast live through Wenzhou News. Teachers and students from Golmud Minzu Middle School and Changjiangyuan Minzu School also could watch the live performance simultaneously.

On the same day, the teenagers also visited the Wenzhou News Media Center to learn about the development history of Wenzhou's newspaper industry and the Young Reporters Club, and took a night tour of Wuma Street. And Wenzhou Zishu Stationery and Sports Goods Factory gave them colored pens as presents.

In the next few days, the teenagers will also conduct a series of cultural and sports exchanges and interactions—participating in the U12 teenagers football friendly match between Wenzhou and Golmud, visiting the Wenzhou Asian Games Dragon Boat Race Hall, Wenzhou Polar Ocean World, Wenzhou Museum, Wenzhou Science and Technology Museum, Dongtou Pioneer Women's Militia Company, and Dongtou Haixia Military Theme Park, etc.

From the Kunlun Mountains to the coast of the East China Sea, Wenzhou was partnered with Golmud and forged a profound friendship since 2010. The teenager communication event was hosted by the Golmud Working Group of the Zhejiang Provincial Assistance Qinghai Province Headquarters and the Golmud Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League.