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Wenzhou’s cartoon security police for Asian Games debuts
Date:2023-05-04 16:01:38 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On April 26, the Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference on local security work regarding the 19th Asian Games, briefing the work done, cartoon police images, a related video, and launching a knowledge contest on the same theme.  

The three cartoon policemen with the same “police number” are called Wenwen, An’an and Wenwen, and have an identical pronunciation in local dialect, signifying security, orderliness and success of the Games Wenzhou venues. The characters, lovely and pro-people, will appear at Wenzhou’s iconic attractions, Asian Games venues, airports, rail transit stops and other public places during the Asian Games.

Since last year, the local Municipal Public Security Bureau has achieved phased results in the preparations for the security work of the local Games venues by prioritizing the work and fulfilling related tasks in light of the highest standards. With the above efforts,the practical security system for the Asian Games is getting mature, with safeguard becoming smarter and society kept continuously stable. In addition, the related foundation construction is nearly completed.

With the Asian Games approaching, the Bureau,focusing on the local Games venues,is building the "stringent social security administration areas", improving the political and public security governance, and maintaining the social stability. Specifically,the Bureau will optimize police force allocation to form an efficient and collaborative security guarantee system under coordinated administration, prevent and eliminate safety hazards for the competition, and in economic and social fields. It will continuously take the special action of hidden risks investigation, rectification, and elimination, enhance traffic safety governance, and beef up social patrols and inspections, to create a sound social security environment for the 19th Asian Games.