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Over 10 museums built in Longwan
Date:2023-05-26 09:57:46 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On May 18th, a new private museum, the Zhitong Art Museum, located at the intersection of Longjiang Road and Ouhai Avenue, officially opened. It covers an area of 50 mu (33,333.33 square meters) and displays representative urban Embossing works that represent the symbols and soul of Wenzhou, from the two pagodas of the Jiangxin Islet to the Yongchang Fortress. The Museum focuses on protecting, inheriting, and promoting national intangible cultural heritage (ICH) Ou-style embossing, with a layout of one park and five halls, including an Ou-style embossing park, traditional Ou-style embossing hall, innovative Ou-style embossing hall, sculpture art hall, Ou-style embossing experience hall, souvenirs display hall. It integrates ICH Ou-style embossing, urban sculpture, and aesthetic space, carrying on the historical and cultural pattern of Wenzhou. It is a window for concentrating Ou-style embossing and sculpture exhibitions and external exchanges.

In recent years, Longwan has utilized the preserved ancient buildings after the  “large-scale demolition and reconstruction”, creating the cultural project of “three belts, one hall group, one street, and one ancient Fortress”, cultivating the cultural brand of “Song Style Longwan”. Currently, there are three private museums, three provincial-level village museums, and five city-level village museums. In the future, the Ye Mengchun Art Museum, Zhang Cong Memorial Hall, Zhongxiuyuan ICH Experience Hall, Jiang Ligang Calligraphy Art Museum, Zhitong Art Museum, and Hehe Cultural Park will be linked together to improve their influence and radiation power, and become important carriers of excellent traditional culture.