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Wenzhou’s early spring tea sells itself in Hangzhou
Date:2023-05-26 09:57:17 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Outside Exit 4 of Hangzhou Expo Center Subway Station, bunting printed with words of “Wenzhou Early Spring Tea” showed the way to the 5th China International Tea Expo. From May 20th to 24th, the China Tea Expo with the theme of “Tea and the World Share Development” was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center.

This year’s expo has a display and exhibition area of 50,000 m2 and a total of 2,003 booths. 22 tea-producing provinces nationwide all sent delegations to the expo, and more than 800 enterprises from over 10 countries and regions brought tens of thousands of tea products to the expo, involving tea utensils, tea clothing, tea packaging machinery, tea technology and creative products, coffee and other products of the whole industry chain.

During the expo, a series of activities were launched, such as the 5th International Forum of Tea Talks by West Lake and “International Tea Day” China Celebration, Tea Tasting and Communication Meeting, Contemporary Tea Culture Development Forum, China Tea Industry Ecological and Low-Carbon Development Information Exchange, as well as some brand tea promotion activities.

Speaking of the best green tea in the world, Wenzhou’s early spring tea proudly ranks the first. At this tea expo, Wenzhou has a booth area of 399 m2 and a total of 30 attending exhibitors. Various “Wenzhou’s Early Spring Tea” products were showcased, such as “Yandang Maofeng Tea”, “Yongjia Wuniu Early Spring Tea”, “Pingyang Huangtang Tea”, and “Taishun Sanbeixiang Tea”, catching the eye of tea merchants and viewers around the world.

At 11:00 a.m. on May 20, Taishun Sanbeixiang brand promotion meeting & release of the new book The World Renowned Tea Taishun Sanbeixiang Tea was held. Wu Xiaohong, inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of Sanbeixiang tea frying skills, introduced that Sanbeixiang tea was widely welcomed by tea lovers for its distinct flavor, high quality and affordable price.

The lush and mist-enveloped mountains in Wenzhou nurtured the “tender, fresh and luscious” Wenzhou’s early spring tea, known as the “No. 1 early spring tea” in Zhejiang. In 2020, Wenzhou’s early spring tea was registered as a protected geographical indication produce by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. In 2022, Wenzhou’s tea planting area reached 280,000 mu (or nearly 18,666 ha.), with a total output of 7,277 tons and a total output value of about 1.38 billion yuan. It is learned that due to the drought last year, early spring tea production has dropped compared to the previous two years, with the price rising to a certain extent and ranging from 400 yuan to nearly 2,000 yuan per kilogram.

In addition to traditional tea, Zhejiang Ziju Culture Co., Ltd.’s “Ziming” Tea set up an independent exhibition area for the first time. Taking Pingyang Huangtang Tea as the tea basis, Ziming launched the “Ziming” gachapon of flavored tea bags and new functional food quinoline yellow chewable tablets. Ziming Tmall flagship store shows that Ziming gachapon scored a monthly sales of 700 +, proving that this new style of tea drink was favored by young consumers.

“Through participating in this international tea expo, Wenzhou’s tea industry will further widen the channels of brand promotion, enhance brand awareness and market visibility, promote tea trade cooperation, strengthen the linkage between production and marketing, and facilitate its high-quality development,” said Sun Shujuan, Deputy Director of Wenzhou Agricultural Technology Promotion Center.