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Wenzhou Port Resumes Its Cruise Business
Date:2023-05-17 10:14:19 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

CMViking Cruise docking at berth No.7 at Zhuangyuan’ao Harbor of Wenzhou Port.

Tourists walking down the gangway.

Recently, with a long and loud siren, CMViking Cruise docked at the 7th berth at Zhuangyuan’ao Harbor of Wenzhou Port. Accompanied by the warm welcoming drums and the wonderful songs of fisher girls, about 300 tourists from all over the country walked down the boarding ladder and started their island tour in Dongtou, an island in Wenzhou. It is reported that CMViking is the first China-made cruise ship that has docked at the Wenzhou Port, which also marks that the Wenzhou Port has resumed its cruise business suspended by Covid-19 four years ago.

CMViking Cruises is China’s first high-end cruise product with a national flag and operated independently by China. It is 228.33 meters long, and designed to carry more than 900 passengers. It plans to make four consecutive voyages, and each will go for a total of 8 days and 7 nights, with stops in Shanghai, Zhoushan, Wenzhou, Xiamen, and Shenzhen. Its stop in Wenzhou will last for 9 to 10 hours, during which, tourists will choose one from the following five special tourism routes, including the Retrograde Millennium - the Wanghailou folk culture tour, the Memory Collection - the Dongtou sea pottery experience, the Mountain and Sea Wonders - the Xiandieyan landscape tour, the historical Stories - the red culture tour of Haixia Village and the colorful Dongtou independent tour. What’s more, the first cruise passengers received small gifts with Dongtou characteristics such as shell necklaces.

The reporter learned from the Wenzhou Port Group that to ensure the berthing of CMViking Cruises, the Zhuangyuan’ao Harbor District of Wenzhou Port communicated with the Customs, Border Defense, Maritime Administration and other port institutions to coordinate supervision matters. With the strong support and great help of the port institutions, the Zhuangyuan’ao Harbor District has made coordinated berthing and reception plans, designed entry and exit routes, and arranged cruise facilities at the port. At the same time, the Wenzhou Port carried out an on-site pre-training and preset emergency response measures to ensure the safety of passengers.

It’s also learned that this is the first reception of the Wenzhou Port for a China-made cruise ship, which will broaden the cruise business of the Wenzhou Port, help develop Wenzhou’s marine economy, promote the transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou tourism, and accelerate the development and construction of Dongtou as an international ecotourism island. Dongtou District expresses that it will continue to explore new modes of “cruise ship + island” tourism, further enrich onshore tourism products, and improve the experience and efficiency of tourism services, so as to enhance the satisfaction and sense of gain of visitors.