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Nanxi Opera goes to the limelight via overseas promotion
Date:2023-05-17 10:11:03 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

As the first opera-theme bazaar in China, “Jiushan Association of Dramatists, Home of the Song Opera” caught the eye of online and offline audiences.

During the May Day holiday, crowds flooded into the Jiushan Association of Dramatists in Lucheng District. “Jiushan Association of Dramatists, Home of the Song Opera” not only attracted nearly 100,000 visits, but managed to bring the Nanxi Opera to the world through overseas promotion.

As the first opera-theme bazaar in China, “Jiushan Association of Dramatists, Home of the Song Opera”, through the trending cross-border communication model and via the approach of “opera +”, built a Liyuan Amusement Park that features opera culture, intangible cultural heritage, coffee and snacks, food and games. It endeavors to inherit and develop traditional Chinese opera in the face of popular culture and restore the original role of the Chinese opera as public entertainment.

As of May 4th, there were more than 500 related news articles on the Internet, with a total of over 154 million views. The bazaar was covered by more than 30 mainstream media including CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and Zhejiang Daily, and was also featured in the “Live News” program on CCTV-13.

In the bazaar, foreigners dressed in cloud-patterned long gowns with wooden fans in their hands strolled among pavilions and terraces, and indulged themselves in the fragrance of ink and tea. This series of videos, with the support of the Internet, got to spread overseas. During the event, the Publicity Department of the Lucheng District Party Committee invited some foreign friends living in Wenzhou and overseas Chinese to “Jiushan Association of Dramatists, Home of the Song Opera” to experience the charm of Chinese opera culture. Meanwhile, leveraging the advantages of the all-media matrix in international communication, it launched the photo-sharing activities on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, fully demonstrating the scenes of interaction between Chinese opera culture and international visitors. By May 4th, the total reads of overseas audience have exceeded 120,000.

The “2023 Spring Festival Opera Gala” in Wenzhou was broadcast worldwide as Wenzhou mobilized the influence of its 700,000 overseas Chinese and 385 overseas Chinese communities in 130 countries. Seizing this opportunity, Lucheng District kept up with the trend and sought after the niche for popularizing Chinese opera. With Jiushan Association of Dramatists as the base, it has planned the series activities of “Nanxi Opera Goes Global” in the hope that through overseas promotion, the Nanxi Opera culture can be better promulgated and the excellent traditional cultural resources can be further activated, so as to lure more audience to opera and produce more good works, and most importantly, to discover the more profound and resilient power and value of the Nanxi Opera.

With ample resources of overseas Chinese, Lucheng District focuses on the young generation at home and abroad, and continuously strengthens its overseas communication capabilities as well as the Internet international communication ability. Currently, a team of over 700 members has been formed for overseas promotion, including over 300 international communication envoys, nearly 100 net-famous foreign streamers, and more than 300 little overseas communication envoys. At the same time, the cultural auditoriums across the District are being actively utilized for overseas promotion. Ten sub-stations at cultural auditoriums will be established, including Qidu Zhangli, Yitou Ouyue and Nanhui Louli, which will serve as the intellectual and ethical homes that house cloud youth international art groups, teenager online legal education bases, and research and study bases.

Such deep and targeted cultural exchanges are becoming a new trend in promoting traditional culture. At the same time, focused on content development and interactive communication, Lucheng District has carried out a train of hot overseas research and study activities and successfully captured a large number of loyal fans of Chinese culture.

Revolving around Nanxi Opera culture and overseas promotion, Lucheng District is tailoring a series of cultural tourism activities to make traditional Chinese culture trendy, to let more people know about Nanxi Opera, understand it and love it, and to demonstrate strong cultural awareness and cultural confidence in international communication.