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Ou Kiln-themed Exhibition Kicked Off in Wenzhou
Date:2023-05-12 10:04:04 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The largest diameter Ouyao porcelain produced by Ouyi Studio.

The Yongjia Ou kiln-themed exhibition kicked off at the Zheng family’s residence on Park Road in the Wuma historic and cultural area in the heart of the city. The exhibition showcases a wide variety of cultural and creative exhibits, mainly precious celadon wares from ancient Ou kilns, as well as exquisite modern porcelain from innovated ancient ones. Citizens are welcome to appreciate and purchase Ou kiln products, and experience up close the charm of the celadon with a greyish-green glaze.

Wenzhou was formerly known as "Ou" or "Dongou". With a history of 2000 years in ceramics making, it is renowned for producing the products. Since the Jin Dynasties, the Ou kiln has pioneered the production of the fine celadon with even and delicate textures, and by applying the groundbreaking underglaze brown coloring technology, it has rivaled to the Yue kiln and become a famous celadon kiln in Zhejiang Province.

Yongjia County, as the pivotal distribution area of the Ou kiln, holds significant historical and cultural value. The Nanxi River basin, situated within the county, is home to the sole early Ou kiln site system in Wenzhou. The kiln sites have a complete development sequence, displaying an evident evolutionary process. With superb product quality and its diverse shapes, the sites served as a prime embodiment of the Ou kilns. Investigations revealed that within Yongjia County, from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty, there existed a total of 46 celadon kiln sites, in which 31 were Ou kilns. In addition, the excavation findings of the Tantou kiln site in the county were hailed as a momentous archaeological discovery in Zhejiang Province in 2017, and subsequently, the site was included in the eighth batch of nationally-recognized key cultural relics protection units in 2019.

In recent years, Yongjia has been building Ou Kiln Town by making use of the Tantou kiln site as a main attraction, and integrating the Ou kiln celadon firing technique with Chinese culture of tea, wine and others. With the county people’s efforts, Ou Kiln Town has been included in the fourth batch of ICH-themed towns in Zhejiang Province. In 2023, the firing craftmanship of the Ou kiln was selected as a representative project of the sixth batch of ICH in Zhejiang Province.

The exhibition, sponsored by the Yongjia County People's Government, and organized by the Yongjia County Cultural, Radio, Television, Tourism, and Sports Bureau, will last till August 1st.