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At the end of 2022, there were 637,000 pupils in 558 primary schools, with 99,900 pupils newly enrolled. The enrollment rate for primary-school-age children is 100%, and the per capita school area for them is 9.28 square meters. There were 291,600 students in 321 junior middle schools, with 97,900 students newly enrolled. The per capita school area for them is 19.46 square meters. There were 31,700 students in 39 secondary vocational schools, with 94,400 students newly enrolled . There were 138,100 students in 101 senior middle schools, with 48,600 students newly enrolled and 42,600 graduates. A total of 146,700 students were in 11 colleges and universities (including one independent college). There were 61,300 full-time teachers in primary and secondary schools and 6,300 full-time teachers in secondary vocational schools (excluding technical schools). There were 1,321 kindergartens, with 286,700 children.