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Wenzhou is located in the Southeastern part of Zhejiang province, facing the East China Sea on the east, bodering Fujian province to the south, Lishui City to the west and northwest, and Taizhou City to the north and northeast, situated at the juncture of 27゚03'-28゚36' North and 119゚37'-121゚18' East.

At the end of 2021, Wenzhou covered a land area of 12,102.65 square kilometers and a sea area of 8649 square kilometers.

The terrain of the entire region of Wenzhou inclines like a ladder from the southwest to northeast, with the Donggong, Kuocang and Yandang Mountains stretching in an unbroken chain. The highest peak is Biayunjian (1611.3m above sea level) in Taishun County. Across the eastern plain about 150 rivers crisscross like a spider’s web.

Wenzhou boasts 714,5 islands, among which the Hengzai Island belongs to both Wenzhou and Taizhou. Along the rugged coastline of 514 kilometers, there are many excellent natural ports.