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Lucheng District’s automotive industry put on the fast track
Date:2023-03-21 17:29:38 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

At the construction site of Baorunpu New Energy Vehicle (NEV) Intelligent Manufacturing Plant, a project with an investment of 1.06 billion yuan, excavators and pile drivers are running at full power. This is part of Lucheng District’s efforts to speed up its development of new energy industry clusters, as it seeks to cultivate and keeps introducing leading auto parts enterprises with core technologies. The aim is to build an independent, manageable, safe and stable new energy automobile industry chain, and promote the output value growth and green transition of the industry.

The plant is located at Light Industrial Park in Tengqiao Township, Lucheng District. Committed to the dual growth drivers of “science and technology” and “green”, this 127-mu (roughly 8.47 ha) plant will be an industrial demonstration base that integrates R&D, design, manufacturing and marketing services of NEV technologies. It is expected to create a benchmark for the intelligent manufacturing of NEV in-wheel motor systems, making Lucheng’s auto industry greener and smarter.

“Since the implementation of the project, the governments of Lucheng District and Tengqiao Township and relevant departments have shown us the greatest sincerity and support. The services, efficiency and project progress are all beyond our expectations, and a total of 480 precast piles have now been completed. We plan to wrap up the pile foundation project in early April and complete the main structure in August,” said Zhang Hong, project manager. Every year, this manufacturing plant, after being in full-capacity production, is expected to churn out 100,000 sets of in-wheel motor systems, 10,000 unmanned in-wheel motor logistics vehicles and 10,000 integrated chassis of in-wheel motor logistics vehicles, with an annual output value reaching 800 million yuan and tax payment per mu (roughly 0.06 ha) of land averaging over 500,000 yuan.

The rapid construction of the project is a showcase of Lucheng’s determination to move faster to build itself into a high-level innovation-driven district. As Lucheng is running for the title of “Provincial High-tech Industrial Park – Digital Fashion High-tech Industrial Park”, Tengqiao Township, its industrial hub, is naturally essential to make the local advanced equipment manufacturing industry chain get stronger, do better, and grow bigger.

Focusing on green and new energy, Lucheng has continuously strengthened policy support for the NEV industry. For example, Wenzhou’s Yibai Automotive Park, once an obsolete vehicle market, has been turned into an automotive trade center that offers services including NEV sales, used car trading, vehicle transfer registration, battery replacement and ride-hailing, thus upgrading to a higher-end one. The NEV infrastructure for battery charging and replacement and parking is also further improved, as the district unfolds the pilot project of “unified construction and operation” of charging piles as part of its efforts to create a smart energy charging and storage network and the green energy industry chain.