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Wenzhou’s annual greenway construction nears completion at 88%
Date:2023-11-03 16:16:52 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Night view of the Central Green Axis in Yueqing

Currently, the pleasant autumn colors are attracting an increasing number of people to choose CityWalk. With the recent announcement of the results of the second “Wenzhou’s Most Beautiful Greenways” selection, an upgraded version of GreenWalk on the city’s greenways might become a romantic way for many to enjoy the autumn.

On October 29th, it was reported by the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau that a total of 14 greenways applied for the second “Wenzhou’s Most Beautiful Greenways” selection. Ultimately, the following greenways were successfully selected: Huichang River West Line Greenway in Ouhai District, Central Green Axis Greenway in Yueqing City, Wenxiang Lake Greenway in Taishun County, Ecological Park Sanyang Wetland Main Loop Greenway, and Middle Tanghe River Greenway in Rui’an City (with extended route). This year, Wenzhou has completed the construction of 98 kilometers of greenways, which accounts for 88% of the annual greenway construction plan. Additionally, 29 greenway breakpoints have been connected, achieving 78% of the annual plan. It is expected that by the end of the year, the construction of the annual greenway and the connection of greenway breakpoints will be fully completed.

The Huichang River West Line Greenway in Ouhai District starts from Sanxi Bridge on Cuiwei Avenue and ends at Xishan Bridge on Xishan South Road. Wandering here, you can see the largest-crowned ancient tree in Zhejiang with a history of over 1,000 years, and enjoy the scenery that seamlessly blends the urban charm and historical heritage of Wenzhou. According to an official from the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Ouhai District, this greenway is themed around the lakeside tour of Huichang Lake, connecting over 200,000 residents along the bank. It incorporates the concepts of being “child-friendly” and a “smart greenway” while creating a natural riverside landscape.

The Central Green Axis Greenway in Yueqing starts at Yueqing Citizen Park and terminates at Shengli Tanghe Park. This area represents the central axis of Yueqing’s urban development, boasting a natural landscape facing the sea, surrounded by water, and rich in greenery. It’s a vital showcase area for Yueqing’s “mountain-water-city-sea” co-development framework. The greenway connects various important urban venues, such as the modern urban agricultural park, Sports Center, Jiangnanli Business District, Headquarters Economic Park, Qushui Academy, and Horizon East Building. The Yueqing Coastal City New Area Landscape Zone, focusing on the greenway, was previously selected as one of Zhejiang’s second-group models for urban and rural landscape for 2023.

The Wenxiang Lake Greenway in Taishun County is constructed along the mountains, connecting the nine characteristic landscapes and the nine supporting services of Wenxiang Lake. Here, visitors can enjoy tea and scenery in the Langui Chaxiang Peninsula Tea Room and take in a panoramic view of the entire lake from the Longxiang Tower. According to the relevant personnel from the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department of Taishun County, in order to protect the natural ecological foundation of Taishun’s “90% mountains, 5% water and 5% arable land”, Wenxiang Lake Reservoir incorporates the concept of the sponge city in its design and serves the function of flood control and water storage. With the commissioning of the reservoir, it will significantly meet the production and industrial water needs of Taishun’s built-up areas.

The Ecological Park Sanyang Wetland Main Loop Greenway starts from Nanxiandi (North Entrance) of the Ecological Park Sanyang Wetland and finally ends at the Zhangjiaqiao Intersection adjacent to Sanyang Wetland. The greenway is designed to reflect the characteristics of Sanyang Wetland, integrate Sanyang culture, and feature cartoon Ougan patterns with the Wenzhou Greenway logo. It is an ecological greenway that encircles the wetland, abounds with greenery, and serves as a recreational corridor for citizens to engage in night runs and leisurely activities. Additionally, visitors can set up tents for camping in various areas within Sanyang Wetland Park, including Dong’anyang, Wuquzhai, Love Island, and Fashion Island. Currently, the park mainly provides options for visitors to bring their own tents or rent tents/canopies. Visitors can make reservations online through the WeChat official account or make on-site reservations at the Visitor Center (Tent Service Center).

The Middle Tanghe River Greenway in Rui’an extends from Wansong East Road to Ruifeng Line in Rui’an. This greenway is built around the ecological landscape of the Tanghe River and merges into the wetlands. It takes advantage of the Middle Tanghe River to separate it from external roads, creating a natural barrier for the wetland park. It functions as a waterfront corridor that combines leisure, culture, sports, and tourism. Additionally, this area houses Zhejiang University’s agricultural research base, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy picturesque rural scenery and partake in the delightful activity of parent-child gardening.