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The tea brand “Yongjia Wuniuzao” authorized for use
Date:2023-11-17 17:24:53 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

“In order to build a strong tea brand of Yongjia Wuniuzao, the quality of the entire Yongjia early tea (picked before April 5th) products will be strictly guaranteed.” Liu Juncai, the person in charge of the Planting Management of Yongjia County Agriculture and Rural Bureau, is full of expectations. On the morning of November 10th, Yongjia County held various activities, including the authorization ceremony for the use of the geographical indication certification trademark “Yongjia Wuniuzao”, the geographical indication mortgage credit-awarding ceremony and the awarding ceremony of the third tea quality contest, which signals the brand “Yongjia Wuniuzao” officially enters the market.

A total of 12 companies, including Zhejiang Yinshan Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd., have been listed as the first batch of authorized users. They are all qualified tea enterprises with SC certification, according to the Rules for the Administration of the Use of Geographical Indications Certification Trademarks.

In the ceremony of mortgage credit-awarding, the Rural Commercial Bank signed a letter of mortgage intent with the tea enterprises authorized to use “Yongjia Wuniuzao”. Immediately afterward, an awards ceremony was held. Ten tea enterprises, including Yongjia County Dongmengshan Wuniuzaocha Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wujing Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. and Yongjia County Yantan Town Rural Family Farm, won the gold medals for green tea; another ten tea enterprises, including Yongjia County Oulong Agricultural Professional Cooperative, Yongjia County Sanjiang Sub-District Yingchun Tea Workshop and Zhejiang Sanwuzao Agricultural Development Company, won the gold medals for black tea.

It is reported that Yongjia County, hailed as the “hometown of Wuniuzao in China”, boasts a planting area of 53,000 mu(318,000㎡). However, due to a long-standing absence of public brands, the development of the tea industry in Yongjia County have been hindered. In March of this year, Yongjia County was granted the national geographical indication certification trademark of “Yongjia Wuniuzao”. What’s more, the brand tea was selected as one of the top one hundred famous “Native Products” in the province, injecting a fresh impetus into Yongjia’s tea industry. Reports indicate that after the brand was authorized, Yongjia county has a clear standard for tea quality as well as industry management. In authorizing the first batch of the brand users, tea enterprises with SC certification have been given priority based on the original brand management rules. The county will release its lists of the second and third batches of tea enterprises approved as the tea brand users.