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Yueqing selected as a demonstration area for ecological civilization construction
Date:2023-11-13 11:38:47 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced the list of the seventh batch of demonstration areas for ecological civilization construction. There are a total of 7 selected areas in Zhejiang, with only Yueqing in Wenzhou making the list.

In recent years, Yueqing City (at the county level) has been vigorously promoting green and low-carbon development. The ecological environment quality has been continuously improving, and it has successively received a series of honorary titles such as National Health City, National Garden City, National County-level Water-saving Society, and Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration County of Zhejiang Province. It has been honored as an outstanding county in the assessment of Beautiful Zhejiang Construction for two consecutive years.

Behind the frequent good news lies a series of remarkable ecological achievements in Yueqing. The air quality rate of excellence has reached 98.6%, with PM2.5 concentration reduced to 21 micrograms per cubic meter, earning the city the title of Provincial Demonstration Area for Fresh Air. The water quality of Class III or higher in controlled sections of provincial rivers has increased from 50% to 100%, leading to the creation of 6 provincial beautiful rivers and lakes. Yueqing has been awarded the 'Da Yu Ding' for five-water governance in Zhejiang Province 4 times and successfully achieved the status of a provincial 'Zero-Waste City,' winning the Clear Source Cup for Zero-Waste City. The forest and grass coverage rate has reached 50.44%, making Yueqing a provincial forest city. The city's sewage treatment capacity has increased from 174,500 tons per day to 284,000 tons per day, with an urban sewage treatment rate of 97.75%......

The provincial wetland parks such as Qinghe Park, Central Green Axis, Dongyun River Park, Linzhai Wetland Park, and other urban parks, along with highlighted projects like the 'Three Vertical and Four Horizontal' green belts and half-marathon scenic running tracks, signify Yueqing's comprehensive efforts in promoting the construction of beautiful urban and rural areas. These efforts aim to create a model area with high-quality urban and rural aesthetics.

As an industrial powerhouse, Yueqing has taken the lead in implementing the 'The Hero of Carbon Equality' reform and has formulated and implemented a three-year action plan for the 'Zero Carbon System.' The city is accelerating 'carbon substitution,' pioneering the introduction of the 'New Ten Measures' for the development of low-carbon industries. Yueqing is vigorously promoting the solar photovoltaic new energy industry and innovatively developing the 'The Five-Color Chart of Carbon Portrait,' focusing on carbon efficiency levels. This effort has resulted in comprehensive monitoring of carbon efficiency for large-scale enterprises.

Moreover, in the field of the digital economy, Yueqing is making significant efforts to create a provincial-level innovation and development demonstration zone for the digital economy and the province's first batch of pilot projects for the integration of the 'two industries.' The city continues to promote the upgrading of industrial capabilities, introducing the 'New Ten Measures' for the practical implementation of the digital economy. Yueqing has also established the country's first low-carbon construction pilot for the electric power and electrical supply chain, leading to a decrease in unit GDP energy consumption to 58.5% of the provincial average. Yueqing has been listed as one of the first pilot counties and cities in the province for industrial transformation and low-carbon initiatives.