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Ouhai’s economic development shines in first three quarters
Date:2023-11-10 15:04:22 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Wenzhou recently released a report on its economic development achievements over the first three quarters. It showed that Ouhai’s GDP grew by 7.5%. And among the 41 key economic indicators, Ouhai ranked first in terms of the number of top two positions in the city, with 12 indicators ranked top three. These impressive figures reflect the potential energy supporting Ouhai’s development.

The China(Wenzhou) Data Security Hub has collected trillions of public data, making it the top-ranking in the country; the China Gene Medicine Valley has launched a new space construction project of 430,000 square meters, making it one of the largest bio-medicine valleys in China; the Wenzhou Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (WZAMI of HUST) has constructed a new laboratory for photovoltaic materials and devices... These initiatives highlight the arrival of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, with scientific and technological innovation being the primary productive force. During the first three quarters, Ouhai ranked second in R&D investment in the city, while its growth rate is the highest. These investments, along with large-scale platforms and projects, have propelled Ouhai to new heights in the field of scientific and technological innovation.

China(Wenzhou) Data Security Hub, which opened in May last year, has attracted 123 ecological enterprises to settle down in Wenzhou. Among them, China Electronic Data Industry Co., Ltd. has 19 listed companies, while Lianren Digital Health is a company supported by the National Health Commission and China Mobile. The presence of these companies is expected to help China(Wenzhou) Data Security Hub become the leading benchmark for realizing a closed-loop system of data circulation and transactions.

The manufacturing industry serves as the “root” and “soul” of Ouhai’s economy. Traditional industries such as the leather and footwear, clothing, glasses, and smart locks are experiencing a surge in new momentum through continuous transformation and upgrading. In Ouhai Fashion Smart Town, digital methods are actively empowering design and production in the traditional industries, addressing issues related to labor-intensive processes, high intensity, and low production efficiency. Therefore, a shift from “manufacturing” to “smart” manufacturing has been achieved.

Investment is crucial for economic development and serves as an important factor for traditional industries to supplement, strengthen, and extend their value chains. Ouhai Fashion Smart Town has successfully attracted 276 enterprises and has seen the establishment of 10 key industrial projects, including the Wenzhou Digital Fashion Industrial Park and Qixing Fashion Industrial Park, with a total investment of 3.72 billion yuan. These projects have enabled the annual production of 20 million pieces of fashion clothing and the gradual integration of product development, release, and sales.

Furthermore, Ouhai is also targeting the emerging livestreaming e-commerce industry. In the first half of the year, Ouhai strategically set the core gathering headquarters for new e-commerce in its Central Business District, which welcomes high-quality enterprises in the livestreaming e-commerce industry chain, including new e-commerce platforms, brands, and live broadcast (MCN) institutions, to settle in.

Since enterprise-centered business environment is the golden card for Ouhai, the district has successfully pushed the new generation of private entrepreneurs, who have assumed leadership from their parents, into the “C position”, becoming members of the domestic and international alliance for the new generation. In recent years, Ouhai has adopted a “four haves”(have a right political attitude, have business operating capacity, have a sense of responsibility, have cultural connotation) cultivation model to foster young entrepreneurs and successfully implemented the “blue relay”(pass down the entrepreneurship from the senior to the young) model project. This initiative has been recognized as the best of the second batch exemplary cases of enhancing and elevating the business environment within the province.