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The Nanxi River Grand Bridge Closed
Date:2023-10-16 09:22:11 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The Nanxi River Grand Bridge on Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway is successfully closed.

The Nanxi River Grand Bridge on the Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway was successfully closed at 2 a.m. on October 10th. It is reported that the completion as a key milestone will create favorable conditions for accelerating the track laying of the railway. The bridge is undertaken by the China Railway Bridge Bureau.

The Nanxi River Grand Bridge is a crucial project in Section 6 and the entire line of the Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway. It is 1787.72 meters long, with a main bridge length of 481.6 meters and a main span of 240 meters. The main bridge adopts a double-tower and double-cable concrete cable-stayed bridge structure with 60 pairs of cables arranged symmetrically and a maximum cable height of 82.5 meters. The bridge towers, made of concrete, stand on the east and west banks, with a height of 85.5 meters and 80.35 meters respectively. The main cable-stayed bridge, spanning the Nanxi River, is built with multiple process transitions and influencing factors as well as high quality requirements and tight construction schedule.

The Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway is a weighty part of the high-speed railway network in the Yangtze River Delta region. It will provide the fastest and most convenient access to Zhejiang Province’s Hangzhou, Jinhua-Yiwu and Wenzhou Metropolitan Areas, achieving a one-hour travel time between the areas. Upon completion, the railway will effectively improve the national high-speed railway transportation network and strengthen the regional trunk high-speed railway network. It can meet the growing demand for transportation along the line, accelerate the development of tourist resources, and promote social and economic development.