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“Wenzhou News” app goes online
Date:2023-01-09 10:55:56 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On the evening of December 31, 500 drones over Jiangxin Island combined to announce the launch of the app “Wenzhou News”. Setting against the backdrop of the sky and the city, a drone light show was staged to celebrate the New Year, attracting thousands of people.

The only news app of the municipal party committee and the municipal government - “Wenzhou News” officially went online at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 31. It is inclusive and humane, with clear positioning and characteristics of Wenzhou.

As a result of deepening media integration, “Wenzhou News” aims to become Wenzhou’s largest new foreign communication platform and comprehensive service platform for overseas Wenzhouese, providing strong media support for Wenzhou to “write the history of innovation, take the road to common wealth and create a pioneering city”.

It is learned that “Wenzhou News” app was under preparation since the beginning of 2022. Taking advantage of the editorial and technical forces of municipal media, the app that covers “news + government affairs + services + business” was injected with the publicity resources of the city’s party and government organs, state-owned enterprises and institutions and government services resources, and networked and interacted with the county (city, district) media centers to make news, information and services easily accessible.

“Wenzhou News” provides a wealth of information in several columns. When you open the app, you will not only see such old columns as “36 Lanes”, “Chit Chat”, “Bai Xiao News”, “Ke Lin Hotline” and “Wenzhou Jingle Bells”, but also chance upon interesting “new faces”, such as the new IPs “Tender Love and Song Flavor”, “Gao Ya’s Commentary” and “Cao Xiaoyue”.

Being a news app, “Wenzhou News” also offers services. It comes with a mini program that has the functions of media convergence and Moments. At present, the platform has been implanted with the mini programs of “Help in Wenzhou for Epidemic Prevention”, “Network Politics”, “Small Journalists” and “Assistance from Journalists”. Service windows including “smart parking” and “Help for Enterprise” will also be introduced so that users can fully feel the kindness of the “Warm City of Wenzhou”.

At the event, Chen Erzhen, Vice President of the Medical Branch of the World Wenzhouese Friendship Federation and Vice President of Ruijin Hospital affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, explained epidemic prevention knowledge through the camera. Overseas Wenzhouese worldwide and recreation and sports stars etc. also expressed their expectations for the app through the video.