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Synergy between central enterprises and local authorities brings Cangnan catch-up development
Date:2023-01-13 17:32:00 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Wenzhou practice: Taking San’ao Nuclear Power Station as the backbone, Cangnan deepens cooperation between central enterprises and the local authorities to explore the development model featuring the integration of ecological nuclear power and the local community for green low-carbon development, thus pioneering a new path of high-quality leapfrogging development of the mountainous county.

The blueprint of shared prosperity: After the arrival of a number of central enterprises such as CGNPC and Huaneng Group, Cangnan has initially formed a clean energy industry pattern of 100 billion nuclear power, 100 billion wind power, pumped storage, air storage and countywide PV system. So far, the main body of nuclear power investment and development alone has brought more than 80 contracts for local enterprises to participate in the construction, driving employment of nearly 40,000 people and investing 4 billion yuan to enhance the county’s energy level.

“Before the landing of San’ao Nuclear Power Station, I never imagined that a town-level hospital like ours was able to save a brain infarction patient in just 36 minutes, from the time of diagnosis to successful treatment,” exclaimed Lin Yanping, Deputy Director of Cangnan Mazhan Central Health Center. Recalling once again the rescue experience that raced against time a few days ago, he felt both excited and delighted.

The key for the success of the emergency treatment as described by Lin Yanping was a CT scanner worth RMB 3 million. On that day, the doctors seized the golden opportunity to save the patient with timely and decisive drug thrombolysis based on the images of brain infarction presented by the CT scanner. Eventually, the patient recovered and passed the check at the county people’s hospital.

But what is the connection between this unexpected first-aid capability and the landing of San’ao Nuclear Power Station? Lin Yanping explained that nuclear power station has brought with it the concept of “integrated development between central enterprises and the local community”, which has led to initiatives to help the neighborhood, including the sharing of medical resources.

In recent years, in accordance with the spirit of “building high-quality projects, sunshine projects and demonstration projects of cooperation between central enterprises and the local authorities”, Cangnan has innovated a model of integrated development between ecological nuclear power and the local authorities, which has fostered industrial clusters, promoted people’s well-being and embarked on a new track of catch-up development.

Cooperative industry cultivation to inject momentum of green development

Zhejiang San’ao Nuclear Power Station is a landmark project for Zhejiang to build an “important window”, a key for Wenzhou to achieve stable investment, the No.1 major project and the No.1 task for major industry cultivation in Wenzhou. With this largest single investment project ever undertaken in the city, Cangnan is fully committed to building a clean energy industry chain system that combines “nuclear, wind, PV, water and hydrogen storage”. Taking Green Energy Town, the first town in China to be planned and implemented simultaneously with nuclear power projects, as the main platform for industry cluster development, it will create a “national clean energy industry demonstration base”.

Then, how to attract promising enterprises associated with clean energy? Cangnan encourages central enterprises to involve deeply in the cultivation of industrial clusters and clean energy-related projects to settle in Green Energy Town, driving the transformation and upgrading of the local industrial structure.

South Zhejiang Institute of Radiological Medicine and Nuclear Technology Application is the first cooperative industrial project between central enterprises and the local authorities commissioned in Green Energy Town. Radiology is a clinical medicine that uses radiation to kill tumor cells, which at the same time can provide measures and basis for protection against radiation uncertainty. Regretfully, there are only three universities in the country that train radiology undergraduates, Wenzhou Medical University included, which is far from meeting the demand for radiological medicine. Given this market prospect, at the end of 2021, Cangnan connected with Wenzhou Medical University and CGNPC Cangnan Nuclear Power Company, the main body of nuclear power investment and development, to realize the tripartite construction of the research institute, which became the first national radiology and nuclear technology application research platform built by the local government, universities and nuclear power enterprises.

Ren Shigang, Director of the Institute’s office, introduced that the Institute has now housed more than 50 masters and doctors from universities, conducted 10 research projects related to radiation detection and evaluation, radiation damage and protection, published 6 SCI journal papers, obtained 1 invention patent, and established cooperation with 8 biotechnology enterprises from Wenzhou, Shanghai and other places. Every effort is being made to build a scientific and technological hub that serves as a scientific research transformation incubator, nuclear medicine application pilot and nuclear technology industry test site.

Now in Green Energy Town, cooperation between central enterprises and the local authorities is on the rise, showing increasingly prominent cluster effect. Up to now, the town, with a construction land of 53.31 km2, has witnessed a series of clean energy industry-related projects such as Vision Cangnan Zero Carbon Industrial Base, Nuclear Power Sci-tech Park and Clean Energy Industrial Base, and attracted a slew of nuclear-related technical talents, injecting green momentum into Cangnan’s economic development.

Shared responsibility through cooperation to achieve development for the people

“Build a good project to drive local economy for the benefit of the people.” This was the consensus reached between Cangnan and CGNPC Cangnan Nuclear Power Company when the nuclear power project was landed eight years ago.

Over the past eight years, this consensus has given birth to a social responsibility system of “helping neighborhood” for Mazhan region that integrates local employment, transportation construction, integrated water supply, medical sharing and tourism development, and has brought unprecedented benefits to local people.

Medical sharing exemplifies the bonus of cooperation between central enterprises and the local authorities. Lin Yanping introduced that Mazhan Central Health Center, which was built in 1958 and is a Grade 2B compliant hospital, serves about 200,000 people in the southern part of Cangnan. “But in fact, before the cooperation between central enterprises and the local authorities, its medical equipment has not been able to keep up with the demand due to financial difficulties.”

“The nuclear power project gave us a turnaround!” Lin Yanping said. The influx of over 10,000 nuclear power workers into Mazhan region brought the medical needs of annual medical check-ups, whereas the far distance from the county people’s hospital made it hard to respond to medical emergencies in a timely manner. Taking into account people’s needs in Mazhan region, the central enterprise and the local authorities then decided the plan of co-constructing and sharing medical facilities.

Based on the plan, CGNPC Cangnan Nuclear Power Company has provided a total of about RMB 3 million in subsidies since 2018 to support Mazhan Central Health Center in acquiring advanced equipment, such as CT machines, gastroscopes and colour ultrasounds, which has greatly improved the conditions of local medical services. Data show that the health center has treated nearly 300 cases of cerebrovascular accidents and myocardial infarction after the equipment was updated in recent years, and has obtained more than 10 municipal-level or above honors such as the first chest pain treatment institute in Wenzhou.

Wang Min, Deputy Director of Cangnan County Major Energy Center, introduced that in recent years, Cangnan and CGNPC have established a “5+4” cooperation relationship in order to help the neighborhood. To be specific, CGNPC will cooperate with Cangnan in the 5 aspects of transportation construction, tourism development, pumped storage, nuclear-related industrial park and Green Energy Town, and support Cangnan in the 4 areas of taxation, employment, shares and direct power supply. Up to now, CGNPC has invested nearly RMB 4 billion to boost Cangnan’s local development, of which RMB 800 million is for the Lingsha Highway alone; the county treasury has implemented an accumulative amount of RMB 40 million and leveraged construction funds of RMB 160 million to support the upgrading of infrastructure in Mazhan region, effectively enhancing the sense of gain, happiness and satisfaction of local people as they move towards shared prosperity.