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Taishun Modern Agricultural Park receives provincial financial subsidy of 30m yuan
Date:2022-09-23 11:20:01 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On September 18, the Wenzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stated that the Agricultural “Two Parks” Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Food Security and Promoting Agricultural Modernization Leading Group (the “Two Parks” include grain production functional parks and modern agricultural parks) recently released the list of objects for the establishment of provincial modern agricultural parks in 2022, and the Provincial Modern Agricultural Park in Taishun County was the only park in Wenzhou being listed and passing the public notice period. A total of 11 parks in the province were selected this time, and those who were selected will enjoy the provincial financial subsidy of 30 million yuan within 3 years of the establishment period.

Based on the resource endowment and industrial reality of the mountainous area, Taishun plans to select two advantageous and characteristic industries of tea and fruit cultivation in 28 administrative villages of Siqian, Baizhang, Xiaocun and Sankui Towns in the county to build a provincial modern agricultural park, which is based on large-scale planting and oriented by the agglomeration of agricultural production factors, with the dynamic combination of modern agricultural development and the construction of beautiful countryside, the deep integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries of rural areas, and the overall coordination of production, life and ecology. After the establishment of the park, the county will put forth efforts to build a development cluster of the whole industrial chains for the tea and fruit industries based in Taishun, facing southern Zhejiang and radiating the whole province, set up a demonstration zone for the agricultural sustainable development of the combination and cyclic utilization of agriculture and animal husbandry, and create a pilot area for the integration and development of the tea, fruit and tourist industries.

Taishun’s Modern Agricultural Park is planned to encompass 44,000 mu of industrial area, including the 18,000-mu tea industrial area and the 26,000-mu fruit industrial area. The core area of the park is about 22,000 mu, including the 12,000-mu core demonstration zone for the tea industry and the 10,000-mu core demonstration zone for the fruit industry. With a total investment of 461 million yuan, the park will initiate 23 projects in six areas including the bases for agricultural planting and breeding, the processing and circulation of agricultural products, the construction of leisure agriculture, the construction of beautiful countryside, the construction of infrastructure, and the sci-tech innovation and public services. It is estimated that in 2024, the total economic output value of the park will reach 738 million yuan, and the output value of leisure and sightseeing agriculture will reach 140 million yuan.