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“Double Empowering” of agriculture adds wings to the rural industry in Wenzhou
Date:2022-09-23 11:17:30 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Beautiful Fields in Yandang Town, Yueqing City

Vegetable Nursery Base in Guishan Township, Wencheng County

Tianjingyang Grain Production Functional Area Service Center

Digital Ranch of Rui’an Huaxin Poultry Co.,Ltd.

Here is a set of inspiring data and long-expected spectacles: Yueqing Puqi Comprehensive Agricultural Service Center can offer the whole chain services for the full life cycle of rice such as rice seedling breeding, drone planting and protection, drying and storage, rice processing and sales, agricultural materials distribution and agricultural waste recycling; Wenzhou successfully cultivated the clam “Kezhe No. 1”, the first new species of mudflat shellfish in China, and “Yueqing Bay No. 1”, the only new species of mud clam in China, which propelled the province’s shellfish aquaculture production to increase nearly 10 times; The construction of Zhejiang Provincial Laboratory for the Genetic Improvement and Milk Quality Research of Dairy Cows was included in the key breakthrough pilot projects of the province’s action of “empowering agriculture through sci-tech and machinery”(aka. “Double Empowering”). So far, more than 200 embryos have been obtained and the first “embryonic cow” is expected to be borne by the end of the year.

In Wenzhou, 70% of the territory is mountains, 20% is waters and 10% is arable fields. Due to its inherently inadequate agricultural resource endowment, Wenzhou lags behind developed regions in agricultural labor productivity and average output rate per acre. How to offset the weaknesses and provide agricultural support for the endeavor of “pioneering the common prosperity of socialism with Chinese characteristics and provincial modernization in high-quality development” (aka. the “Double Pioneering”), so as to achieve common prosperity in the land of Wenzhou? The implementation of “Double Empowering” in agriculture is stimulating a new vitality in the land.

Science-tech innovation cements agriculture

To bring the land of Wenzhou a bumper crop, agriculture needs to be strengthened through science and technology.

Seeds, the “new chip” of modern agriculture, make a difference in the land output. Starting from the research of seeds, Wenzhou aims to build a highland of agricultural science and innovation. Focused on breaking through the “germplasm protection + variety selection + platform services” system research, it will upgrade seeds, build a platform featuring “science and innovation park + laboratory + research institute”, and mold a “new engine” for scientific and technological innovation.

At the same time, efforts have been ramped up in germplasm resources protection and the census work of crop, livestock and aquaculture germplasm resources. 774 samples of local germplasm resources have been collected, including Cangnan glutinous, Wenzhou mustard and Baizhuo muskmelon. The first batch of municipal-level “Double Empowering” germplasm resource bank (nursery) projects were identified, and the Wenzhou Institute of Agricultural Science was listed among the first batch of provincial-level Crop Germplasm Resources Protection Unit.

In addition, Wenzhou is vigorously carrying out the selection and breeding of new varieties. It pioneers to set up a municipal collaboration group project and introduce incentive policy for the selection and breeding of new agricultural varieties. Five varieties including rice “Tailiangyou 217”, mud clam “Yueqing Bay No. 1”, cauliflower “Ousong 90 Days” and Anoectochilus roxburghii “Jianjun No. 1” are on the provincial list of leading varieties.

While carrying out the demonstration and promotion of good crop seeds, Wenzhou is also building public service platforms for the seed industry. The 25th Southern Seed Industry Expo and the 2022 Tomato Variety Conference were successfully concluded, and the Wenzhou Seed and Seedling Science and Technology Park and the Cangnan Tomato New Variety Exhibition and Demonstration Base were awarded the title of “National Crop Variety Exhibition and Evaluation Base”, fully demonstrating the effective development of the cauliflower and tomato industries in the province and the new achievements in the application of “Double Empowering” technologies.

In terms of the scientific and technological innovation platform, Wenzhou has built a national agricultural science and technology park, which has passed the acceptance of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The city’s major sci-tech research projects related to the “Double Empowering” have numbered 12, covering the fields of seeds and seedlings, modern agricultural machinery and equipment, digital agricultural technology, efficient ecological breeding and food processing and preservation. Those projects follow a closed-loop project management approach, as “the industry sector poses the problems, the sci-tech departments accept the challenges, the innovation players solve the problems, and the market players test the solutions”.

To benefit the fields with science and technology, Wenzhou is mapping out a full range of key agricultural laboratories. 320 million yuan of funds have been raised through the “government + market” investment model to promote primarily the construction of Zhejiang Provincial Laboratory for the Genetic Improvement and Milk Quality Research of Dairy Cows. At present, the city has built six key laboratories related to agriculture at the provincial level, including the Key Laboratory of Crop Breeding in Southern Zhejiang Province, the Key Laboratory of Water Environment and Marine Biological Resources Protection in Zhejiang Province, and the Key Laboratory of Biological Resources Development and Protection in Near-shore Waters in Zhejiang Province.

At the moment, Wenzhou is carving out multiple paths to create characteristic agricultural research institutes. To deepen the cooperation between the institutes and the local community, it has signed strategic collaboration agreements with Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Zhejiang University etc., and set up joint research and development platforms such as Wenzhou Citrus Suavissima and Waxberry Research Institute, Ouhai Science and Technology Innovation Center, Yongjia Technology Transfer Center, Large Yellow Croaker Branch of Wenzhou Research Institute of Zhejiang University, and Wencheng Health Research Institute. Moreover, it has bolstered the construction of scientific research platforms for agriculture-related enterprises, and founded 5 provincial key agricultural enterprise research institutes, including Heben Green Pesticides Key Enterprise Research Institute and Yuanye Garden Plants Key Enterprise Research Institute.

Modern agricultural system is reinvented in line with local conditions

While science and innovation are stimulating the inherent potential of agriculture, the “Double Empowering” of agriculture is reshaping the agricultural production system.

Increasing land efficiency and output tests how to reshape the industrial system, production system and management system of modern agriculture and how to promote the digital, green and integrated agriculture based on technology and mechanization. Wenzhou’s exploration of the “Double Empowering” of agriculture is beneficial, and Wenzhou is expediting the exploration of suitable machine transformation, social services, intelligent agriculture and expansion of industrial development.

Wenzhou being mountainous, it is imperative to reform the machines in order to empower agriculture with machinery. Therefore, the city is actively engaged in characteristic R&D, such as the R&D of agricultural machinery with local characteristics for cauliflower harvesting, tomato transplanting, glutinous rice yam harvesting, sugar cane harvesting and the like. The small self-propelled rice transplanter for mountainous areas jointly developed by Taishun and Xingyue Group has come off the production line and entered the provincial subsidy catalogue; the hybrid oil and electric high-performance plant protection drone developed by Wenzhou Black Dragonfly Drone Production Company marked a new breakthrough in independent R&D of small agricultural machinery.

To enhance the efficiency of agricultural services, Wenzhou has tailored “a plan for each county” and “a policy for each industry” that are combined with social services. Yueqing Puqi Agricultural Machinery Integrated Service Center and Rui’an Suibo Agricultural Machinery Integrated Service Center have been established, and a modern comprehensive agricultural service center has been forged to highlight the “1 + X” full life cycle services. Taishun has set up the first agricultural machinery integrated service center in Zhejiang in the tea industry.

Besides, Wenzhou’s intelligent agriculture construction is also gaining steam in order to shore up the agricultural foundation. The city is systematically promoting the construction of agricultural and rural data warehouses and building a “Space-Time One Map” management platform for agriculture and rural areas. It is also upgrading its digital applications that cover more than 7,000 agricultural business entities, initially realizing the integration of agriculture-related online public services. With the focus on developing the “Three-in-One” Smart Farming and Common Prosperity Platform, distinct applications are being invented, such as “Fun in the Wild”, “Farm Bazaar”, “Carefree Loan”, “Buy Together”, “Shop Together”, “Service Assistant”, “Affordable Agricultural Products”, “Farmcast”, and “Agricultural Medical Insurance Pass”. 20 provincial office application scenarios have been installed, including Zhejiang Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Zhejiang Agricultural Affluence, Zhejiang Agriculture and Food, Zhejiang Excellent Agricultural Products and Zhejiang Fishery Safety. The credit application scenario of Wenzhou agricultural operation entities was selected as one of the top ten exemplary application scenarios of credit digital reform in 2022 jointly assessed by the Publicity Department of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission.

In Wenzhou, agricultural industrial platform is also in further consolidation. Rui’an National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park has passed check and acceptance, Cangnan National Modern Agricultural Industrial Park has passed the mid-term evaluation, and a total of 4 national-level strong agricultural industry towns have settled, namely, Nanji in Pingyang, Dajing in Yueqing, Tengqiao in Lucheng and Mayu in Rui’an. Wenzhou is quickening the construction of provincial-level modern agricultural industrial parks and municipal-level field complexes.

In August last year, Zhejiang held a conference on the theme of “high-quality development of agriculture” for the first time, and established “empowering agriculture through sci-tech and machinery” as the key of agricultural modernization. On September 16th this year, the province’s Agricultural High-quality Development Conference was held, where a number of weighty lists were announced and Wenzhou’s efforts were affirmed. Thereupon, Wenzhou was entrusted with new missions.

Yongjia County and Wencheng County were selected as the “horseracing” incentive areas for the “Double Empowering” action in Zhejiang Province; the provincial Modern Agricultural Park in northwest Yueqing City was chosen as one of the Top Ten Provincial Modern Agricultural Parks in 2022; Wenzhou Shenlu Seed Industry Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Kecheng Seed Industry Co., Ltd. were selected as Seed Industry Formation Enterprises in Zhejiang Province; and Rui’an Caocun Modern Agricultural Service Center was listed among the first batch of Provincial Modern Agricultural Service Center Founders.

Of the 16 major “Double Empowering” projects already signed in the province, Wenzhou accounts for two. The Taishun County Nongguiba Ready-made Dishes Industrial Park Project, with a planned investment of 480 million yuan, will create 50 model agricultural bases, a 150,000m2 ready-made dishes processing cluster, 2,000 community chain shops and 3 cloud warehouses. The Wencheng County Ready-made Dishes Industrial Park Project, with a planned investment of 320 million yuan, will build 4 production lines, 1 freshwater fish factory farming base, a standardized production and farming raw material supply base and a cold chain collection and distribution system.

Currently, Wenzhou is striving to open up the “new track” of industrial development. In July this year, it worked out a three-year action plan and a blueprint for the development of ready-made dishes, which envision “a city with 10 industrial chains, 100 enterprises above designated scale and an output value of 100 billion yuan”, and led the whole province to establish a “Ten Ones” system promotion mechanism. Priorities will be given to developing the industry chain of such ready-made dishes as rice flour products, glutinous yam, fruits and vegetables, large yellow croaker, seaweed products, minced fish products, duck tongue, beef, Wenzhou’s snacks and condiments. Through three years’ efforts, the output value of ready-made dishes is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan, and Wenzhou will become a city famous for the ready-made dishes industry in China.

“Five Batches” deepen the “Double Empowering” of agriculture

In order to promote the “Double Empowering” of agriculture, Wenzhou has successively issued such policy documents as the Implementation Plan for Promoting the “Double Empowering Action” to Accelerate High-quality Agricultural Development (2021-2025) and Several Policy Opinions on Supporting the “Double Empowering Action” of Agriculture, with an annual fund of 73.5 million yuan for the “Double Empowerment Action”. It has also intensified the assessment of agricultural labor efficiency and other indicators, and established a “horse racing” incentive mechanism that is linked to both land use indicators and agriculture-related fund arrangements.

With the reform of quality and efficiency pulling the modernization of agriculture, Wenzhou has achieved remarkable results in promoting the “Double Empowering”, but still has a long way to go.

Next, the city will continue to carry out the “Double Empowering” action, highlighting the development of modern seed industry, the creation of agricultural science and innovation platforms, the construction of agricultural service centers, the landing of “Double Empowering” projects and the expansion of agricultural industry chains. Importance will be attached to the construction of “Five Batches”.

First, a batch of characteristic and advantageous seed industries will be cultivated. According to Wenzhou Seed Industry Revitalization Action Implementation Plan (2022-2025), five major actions of “protecting germplasm resource, surmounting bottlenecks in scientific and technological innovation, cultivating enterprise entities, enhancing supply assurance capacity, improving supervision and service” will be launched for characteristic advantageous varieties like the long-grained rice, cauliflower, tomato, Dendrobium ferrugineum and mudflat shellfish. Seed enterprises will be expanded and the Southern Seed Industry Expo will be held to a high specification.

Second, a batch of agricultural science and innovation platforms will be forged. Wenzhou will further optimize the layout of Wenzhou National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, accelerate the construction of “one park, three districts and multiple bases”, and build a leading agricultural innovation-driven platform in the province. Combined with the characteristics of agricultural industry in counties, it will try its best to introduce agricultural research resources from prestigious agriculture-related universities domestically and cooperate with them in the construction of high-end agricultural research and innovation platforms that possibly spread over all counties.

Third, a batch of agricultural service centers will be set up. Wenzhou will establish and improve the “1+X” social service system for agricultural machinery, and arrange a batch of full life-cycle agricultural service centers. On the basis of the provincial “Machine for Man” Agricultural Machinery Service Center, the Demonstration Base of Agronomy and Agricultural Machinery Integration and the provincial Agricultural Machinery Innovation Research and Test Base, modern high-level agricultural service centers will be properly laid out to achieve the full coverage of agricultural service centers in big agricultural counties.

Fourth, a batch of “Double Empowering” agricultural projects will be recruited. Focusing on the construction of agricultural industry platforms, Wenzhou will plan a batch of industrial projects with high technological content, promising market prospects and strong driving capacity. It will actively undertake project match-making and cooperation negotiations, and introduce a number of major industrial projects and a group of leading agricultural enterprises. At the same time, it will foster pilot counties and towns for the reform of agricultural “standard land”, and facilitate the organic integration of functional areas for food production, high-standard farmland, agricultural “standard land” and “Double Empowering” projects.

Fifth, a batch of deep-processing enterprises will take shape. Aiming at ready-made dishes, Wenzhou will speed up scientific R&D, conduct R&D on agricultural product processing technology, healthy food and fresh-keeping logistics capabilities, and raise the conversion rate of agricultural processing. Meanwhile, it will fasten the cultivation of main players and drive the upgrading of small and micro enterprises, the listing of leading enterprises and the growth of leading enterprises.

With the transformation and reshaping of agricultural modernization, Wenzhou will continue the “Double Empowering” action in a deep-going way in a bid to make agriculture stronger, farmers richer and villages more beautiful.