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Taishun puppet shows more “adaptable”
Date:2022-09-12 09:46:05 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Puppets can do many things, such as changing faces and clothes, and evan playing the “erhu”... On the evening of September 1, Wei Chaohao, who is a representative inheritor of Taishun Puppetry, a municipal-level intangible cultural heritage of Wenzhou, manipulated his puppets into dancing to the music “Horse Racing”, receiving rounds of applause from the audience at “Zheyouxi” Theater in Wenxianghu Cultural Quarter, Luoyang Township, Taishun County of Wenzhou City.

In May 2022, “Zheyouxi” Theater, one of the first batch of pilot projects for community-based ICH promotion campaign, opened in Taishun. Since its debut, the theater has staged more than 40 performances seldom seen before, with the support of Wei’s Sanyi Puppetry Troupe and the local government. These events are lucrative and, moreover, helping ICHs to “fly into the common households”. Wenxianghu Cultural Quarter, where the theater is located, is regarded as a highlight of “moonlight economy” of Taishun County during this summer. “The bazaar held in the quarter recently really attracted a lot of people, making the theater and puppet shows even more popular,” said Wei. In his eyes, a cultural block is also a cluster for night life and tourism consumption, which may pave the way for puppet show marketing.

Creativity and innovation are now boosting the upgrading of the cultural tourism in Taishun. Since the beginning of 2022, the county has actively developed and promoted “a series of creative products, high-quality literary and artistic works and events, as well as cultural centers”, to highlight creativity and innovation in its pursuit of integrated development of the industries, creativity and innovation resources sharing, and creativity-driven development. A special task force and a think tank were organized to build the cultural quarter that encapsulates exhibition, places for napping, and people-to-people exchanges, setting the vision of fostering new forms and models of consumer spending for the growth of night economy. By far, 10 local ICH inheritors have benefited from delivering the ICHs to the public. In the first half of 2022, the added value of major cultural enterprises reached 32.21 million yuan, an increase of 9.3% year on year.