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1st batch of 1,000 parent-child shared bicycles to be gradually launched
Date:2022-09-12 09:43:27 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On September 6, Wenzhou’s child friendly “parent-child shared bicycles” were officially launched. Citizen representatives were experiencing the new shared bicycles.

On the morning of September 6, the launch ceremony of Wenzhou’s child-friendly “parent-child shared bicycles” was held at the Wenzhou Women and Children’s Activity Center. The first batch of 1,000 parent-child shared bicycles will be gradually launched by September 15, sending great “gifts at the beginning of school year” to children in Wenzhou.

Last year, Wenzhou took the lead in promoting the construction of an all-for-one child-friendly city in Zhejiang Province. During the city’s two sessions (the First Session of the 14th Wenzhou Municipal People’s Congress and the First Session of the 12th Wenzhou Municipal People’s Political Consultative Conference) this year, many Congress representatives and Conference members proposed that the construction of a child-friendly city should ensure the safe travel of children. It is hoped that Wenzhou will have parent-child shared bicycles equipped with child seats and seat belts, to avoid the risky behavior of parents letting their children sit in the baskets in front of the bicycles.

After the city’s two sessions, the Municipal Special Team for the Work of Construction of Child-Friendly City immediately communicated and negotiated with the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and other departments, as well as shared bicycle operators, conveying the expectation of “child-friendly and safe travel”. From development and design to mass production, Wenzhou’s parent-child shared bicycles have received keen attention and positive responses from all works of life in Wenzhou. In mid-August, the prototype of the new shared bicycle was unveiled. After extensive collection of opinions from parents and children in Wenzhou, the new shared bicycle was officially named “ding-dang bike” (the sound of twinkling, also the famous local nursery rhyme ding-ding-dang), and the first 15 locations to introduce the bicycles were decided.

At the launch ceremony, Mao Xiangyu, the national general manager of Hellobike’s bicycle products, introduced in detail the “first creation” of “ding-dang bike” from design and development to putting into use. He said that “ding-dang bike” was the first shared bicycle developed in the cloud and the first parent-child shared bicycle launched nationwide in the shared bicycle industry, and Wenzhou was the first city to introduce it. In addition, “ding-dang bike” is strictly controlled in terms of safety, child-suitability and environmental protection. For example, the seat, whose material is welded by high-strength aluminum alloy, is light in weight and high in strength and can withstand up to 70kg without breaking, and it is fixed with anti-loosening screws to prevent it from falling off; the bike is equipped with a five-point harness type seat belt following the design of a car child seat; to avert children’s feet being caught in rear wheels, footrests are provided; the seat and screws are rust-proof to ensure long-term operation of the bike without rust; and the seat belt is waterproof to achieve the effect of quick drying after rain.

Huang Hui, one of the representatives of parents who attended the ceremony, said that this type of parent-child shared bicycle launched during Wenzhou’s construction of child friendly city was useful and safe. Parents can choose “ding-dang bikes” to travel with their children in the future, so they can ride at ease and safely.

After the ceremony, the first batch of 1,000 parent-child shared bicycles will be gradually launched by September 15, becoming a beautiful scene in the construction of Wenzhou’s child-friendly city. The Municipal Traffic Management Bureau especially reminds parents to abide by the traffic rules, lead their children to walk on colored zebra crossings, ride parent-child shared bicycles, and achieve child-friendly and safe travel.