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Rail Transit Line S2 launches mobilization meeting for the finale
Date:2022-07-31 11:04:50 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

At the mobilization meeting, flags were awarded to teams such as the CPC Members Commando, Workers’ Vanguard and Youth Commando of the Rail Transit Line S2.

The first EMU train of Line S2 arrives at the depot.

Pouring the largest cover at the Tingtian Vehicle Depot of Line S2.

On the morning of July 25th, the CPC Branch Building Alliance and Mobilization Meeting for the Finale of Wenzhou Rail Transit Line S2 was held at the Tingtian Vehicle Depot of Line S2. In addition to the main venue, there were another three parallel sessions for three ceremonies, i.e. the completion of the main girders along the whole Line S2, the arrival of the first train of Line S2 at the depot and pouring the largest cover of Line S2 at the Tingtian Vehicle Depot, sounding the bugle for the finale of Line S2 construction.

It is learned that the main line of Line S2 has been through and rails are being laid. By now, 88% or 107 kilometers of double line rails have been laid and all stations have been handed over for mechanical and electrical construction. “To reach the target of opening Line S2, we still face an arduous task”, said Zhu Sanping, Chairman of Wenzhou Mass Transit Railway Investment Group (WZ-MTR), “This activity is aimed at achieving the broadest consensus through the ‘CPC Branch Building Alliance’ and pooling the strongest forces through the ‘Mobilization Meeting’. Every effort will be made to bring a successful conclusion to the Line S2 construction with the backing of the CPC Organization and the vanguard model of the CPC members. We will contribute our share to building Wenzhou into a national comprehensive transportation hub and ‘a happy city featuring a millennial trade port”, thus celebrating the 20th CPC National Congress with glorious achievements.”

The internal and external decoration of stations and the installation of electro-mechanical equipment on Line S2 are planned to be completed by the end of December this year, and the integrated intermodulation is expected to be carried out in the first quarter of 2023.

A tough task led by the CPC

Gather pioneering forces to build a model project

At the mobilization meeting, new vitality was injected into the “Oujiang Red - Happy Rail” Line S2 CPC Branch Building Demonstration Belt. As the two major carriers of Line S2 CPC Branch Building Alliance, the “CPC Members Innovation Studio” and the “CPC Branch Building Demonstration Station” were officially inaugurated.

The “CPC Members Innovation Studio” is located at the Tingtian Vehicle Depot of Line S2. With the CPC branch of WZ-MTR Construction Branch and the CPC branch of Line S2 SG9 section project department as the core, this innovative work team will make technical breakthroughs and innovate work methods to tackle difficulties in the project. The “CPC Branch Building Demonstration Station”, located at Xuyang Road Station of Line S2, will fully implement the mechanism of “checking every first items before acceptance and following role models”, adhere to the concept of “all work goes to and depends on the CPC branch”, and overcome difficulties in station curtain wall, decoration, construction related to wind, water and electricity and equipment installation. At the same time, each CPC member will be held accountable for the work of one area to ensure that all tasks are completed on schedule.

According to the relevant person in charge of WZ-MTR, the CPC Branch Building Alliance is an innovative platform for the central and local governments to work together, government and enterprises to collaborate, and is a pragmatic initiative for multiple players to build Wenzhou rail transit and help infrastructure construction. Next, the CPC Branch Building Alliance will be used for such joint events as political theory learning, facilitating project construction, ensuring construction safety and CPC branch building. All players will be given full play to in construction, scientific research and technological innovation, uniting together to foster the “Oujiang Red- Happy Rail” CPC branch building model and writing a new chapter of Wenzhou rail transit construction.

At the event, 12 teams including the CPC Member Commando, Workers’ Vanguard and Youth Commando of the Rail Transit Line S2 were awarded flags. The CPC branches of the Construction Branch and the Operation Branch of WZ-MTR also signed with the co-construction units the Agreement for Co-Building the Line S2 CPC Branch Building Alliance.

First train of Line S2 picked up

More “Made in Wenzhou” bring a new experience

On the morning of July 25th, with the cooperation of lifting equipment, the first EMU train of Line S2 was smoothly connected to the rails at Xiatang Car Park, laying foundation for the launch of the test at the test section and the cold and hot running in the second half of the year, marking another important step towards the opening of Line S2.

Line S2 adopts D-Type trains with 4 coaches in each train operating at a maximum speed of 140 km/h. The streamlined body design is inspired by a dolphin leaping into the air, showing vitality and dynamism. It is particularly worth mentioning that the overall appearance and interior design of Line S2 trains won a silver medal in the finals of the 2021 Mayor’s Cup China (Wenzhou) Industrial Design Competition.

The Line S2 trains are all assembled and produced by Wenzhou China Vehicle Repair Base in Wenzhou Marine Economic Development Demonstration Zone, and a large number of vehicle equipment are “Made in Wenzhou”. For example, the “oil-free air supply system for rail vehicles” independently developed by Ruili Group has been applied in batch for the first time on the Line S2 trains, achieving at one stroke the localization of key components for rail transit.

It is learned that in order to pass the “key mile” for the marketization of the “oil-free air supply system for rail vehicles”, WZ-MTR gave strong support to Ruili Group, helping the system to complete the whole process of “trial run” on the trains of Line S1, including loading, static commissioning, dynamic commissioning and passenger operation, and pass the assessment of loading and operation. The air supply system is said to be used in rail vehicles to provide power for the brakes. Compared with the oiled air supply system, the oil-free air supply system is characterized by environmental protection, low maintenance cost, low noise, high reliability etc., and enjoys a broad market prospect.

Compared to the Line S1 trains, the Line S2 trains have also undergone a number of “upgrades”. The permanent magnet synchronous traction system, replacing asynchronous motors with permanent magnet synchronous motors, has the advantages of smaller size, lighter weight and energy saving, thus reducing energy consumption by reducing the weight of the vehicle. According to preliminary calculations, the Line S2 trains will consume around 15% less energy than the Line S1 ones. For example, the Prognostics Health Management (PHM) with the logic control unit (LCU) form an intelligent operation and maintenance system for a safer traveling environment. Another example is the installation of a 43-inch dynamic LCD screen on board, which can dynamically display vehicle route information, making the interface more user-friendly.

Largest cover poured with concrete

Construction of the Tingtian Vehicle Depot is on the fast track

At the mobilization meeting, the largest single vehicle depot cover project in Wenzhou - the largest cover (B3-2) of Line S2 at the Tingtian Vehicle Depot was successfully poured with concrete, with a pouring area of about 4,650 m2. It is reported that the successful completion of this pouring task means the construction of the Tingtian Vehicle Depot embarked on the fast track.

Xu Zaixing, who is in charge of the Tingtian Vehicle Depot project, told reporters that some design drawings were behind schedule for pouring the largest cover. In this regard, his team raced against the clock and often worked late into the night for the preparation of engineering information or construction plan; they were on the go between the project department, design institute and construction site, solving problems in field in a timely manner according to the design drawings. At the same time, before the start of each procedure, relevant construction technicians were organized to give a briefing so that each front-line construction operator is clear about the process and control points to ensure the orderly construction.

Located in Tingtian Sub-district, Rui’an, Tingtian Vehicle Depot is the first rail transit TOD cover development project in Wenzhou, with a total construction area of 216,800 m2. The completed platform cover reaches an area of 203,400 m2 with 1,742 motor vehicle parking spaces.

Since the start of the project, WZ-MTR Construction Branch set up a special team for the construction work and invested more than 200 sets of machinery and equipment and over 2,000 workers for construction around the clock, rain or shine. CPC members and cadres took the lead to stay at the site all day long to ensure that on-site problems were solved that very day. Thanks to the all-out efforts of the Construction Branch, Tingtian Vehicle Depot repeatedly set new construction records, and in just nine months, completed more than 67,000 pile foundations, poured more than 60,000m2 of covers and finished the physical workload of nearly 2 billion yuan.

At present, 64% of the construction work of the Tingtian Vehicle Depot has been accomplished; 25 covers have been poured with concrete, with the completion ratio exceeding 30%; over 75% of the roadbed bridge project of the vehicle depot has been finished.