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The breeze of Song flavored culture is blowing from Dongtou Island
Date:2022-07-31 11:01:23 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On July 23, the 1st Wanghai Tower traditional Chinese bazaar opened on Dongtou Island, attracting tourists to experience the charm of the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

Sunshine, waves, beaches, music, bazaars... In midsummer, tourists are welcomed to go on their island vacation, experiencing wonderful “food, houses, trips, shopping and entertainment facilities” in Dongtou District of Wenzhou City, East China’s Zhejiang Province. Based on abundant island tourism resources, Dongtou Tourism Development Company is now developing new tourism experiences in summertime.

Given the increasing popularity of summer travel, the company has released its summer tourist routes with different themes and jointly launched a series of summer-themed tourism products with major scenic areas and hotels – “A cool summer in Dongtou”-themed night tours, 1st Wanghai Tower traditional Chinese bazaar and Dongtou Dasha’ao Water Play Season. People are welcome to enjoy a cool summer different from anywhere else.

Located at the 227-meter-high Yandun Mountain, Wanghai Tower is a tourism landmark on Dongtou Island. Over 1500 years ago, Yan Yanzhi (384-456), then the governor of Yongjia Prefecture who was impressed by Dongtou’s coastal view, built the tower which is now regarded as the window of Dongtou’s history and culture and the first scenic spot one should visit in Dongtou. Its long history, splendid architecture and marine folk culture enable the tower to be ranked among the famous historical and cultural towers of China in 2012 and noted for “dwarfing the vast land of ancient Wu and Yue Kingdom as the best tower in the Southeast China”. Every weekend in July and August, visitors may come here to experience colorful Song flavored cultural activities and have a glimpse of the history of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and the changes of the city.

Xiandieyan (Dasha’ao Scenic Area) is a great place to listen to the sound of waves and appreciate coastal view for its boulders and layers of stones, hence the name “bonsai garden on the sea”. Sinuous and steep, its 2.01-kilometer-long cliff path is integrated with the natural beauty of mountains and rocks, like a necklace with bright pearls surrounding Dongtou Island. It is rarely seen across China and is reputed as “the best plank road in the East China Sea”. From July 23 to the end of August, Xiandieyan Scenic Area and Dongtou Tourism Development Company, together with Dasha’ao Resort, Wanghai Tower and Jiucai’ao Beach, will jointly host a summer carnival featuring seven events, including Dongtou Water Play Season, children’s water park, beach music festival, Taolang bazaar and bubble parties.

In addition, the newly opened Haixia Youth Camp Hotel will host a series of night tours to further stimulate consumption and night economy, and enrich people’s cultural lives at night.