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Taishun selected as pilot area for provincial “double strengthening” action
Date:2022-07-22 10:53:55 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

With its rice-sown area reaching 139,800 mu (about 9,300ha) and a total rice-output of 61,000 tonnes, Taishun achieved “double increases” in grain production last year, and the sown area and total output of rice both hit a new high in the past six years. Recently, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhejiang Province announced the list of pilot areas for the agricultural “double strengthening” action in 2022. “Double strengthening” stands for strengthening agriculture through science and technology (S&T) and strengthening agriculture through machinery. Taishun County is the only county (city, district) selected in Wenzhou.

In recent years, Taishun has accelerated the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological achievements by persisting in the development theme of agricultural “double strengthening”. In 2021, there were 3,660 mu (about 244ha) of facility agriculture in Taishun, and the comprehensive mechanization rate of crop cultivating, sowing and harvesting was 61.78%, while the mechanization rate of rice reached 62.49%. The county’s agricultural labor productivity continued to improve.

In order to realize the empowerment of “double strengthening” through Sci-tech and machinery, Taishun adheres to multi-lateral interconnection, establishes high-end cooperation with Zhejiang University and well-known experts in the domestic dairy industry, and successfully implements the project of the Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Genetic Improvement of Dairy Cattle and Milk Quality Research.

By carrying out comprehensive land renovation and contiguous transformation of fragmented land resources, Taishun promotes “adapting the land to the machine”, deepens the agricultural machinery cooperation mode and field management mode, explores cooperation modes such as “cooperatives purchase and peasants lease”, and helps single peasant households to become joint households. Next, Taishun will take the opportunity of being the pilot area for the agricultural “double strengthening” action to continuously improve the efficiency of food production, focus on promoting the construction of the Provincial Key Laboratory, carry out key technological innovation and correlation research in the four directions of genetic improvement, efficient propagation, nutrigenomics and dairy research, promote and lead the high-quality development of dairy breed industry in the south of China, and strive to become a highland in the province for breeding dairy bulls and for high-quality dairy research and development.