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Yongjia announces children’s study tour routes
Date:2022-07-22 10:53:13 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Camp at Nanxi River Beach Music Park 

Recently, at the 2022 Child Friendly City showcase and exchange activities, Yongjia held a meeting to announce 4 children’s study tour routes in Yongjia, which are tailored for children with Nanxi River characteristics and offer a variety of discounts for families.

The four routes are the “Red Star Over Poetic Yongjia”, the “Nanxi River Nature Explorer”, the Nanxi River Ancient Villages study tour and the Education Equipment study tour, which aim to enhance children’s knowledge of Yongjia, stimulate their interest in the history of red culture, natural scenery, ancient villages and local enterprises, and cultivate their ability to explore.

Among the four routes, the “Red Star Over Poetic Yongjia” connects the Red Education Base of the 13th Red Army, the Shimentai Field Pastoral Base and the Xiaogang Beach Music Park, etc. Through a number of experiences such as Visiting Revolutionary Sites, Reliving the Warring Southern Zhejiang and Experiencing the Cultivation of Yongjia, it promotes the integration of textbook knowledge and life experience and stir students’ patriotism. The “Nanxi River Nature Explorer”, another study tour route, takes children to the two scenic spots of Shiwei Rock and Longwan Pool, where they become rock explorers, water testers and plant investigators to probe geological features, rock types and causes, observe water resources and identify the attributes of different plants.

The Nanxi River Ancient Villages study tour incorporates such destinations as Furong Ancient Village, Cangpo, Lishui Street, Daitou Ancient Village and Shiwei Rock, guiding children to explore various architectural cultures of ancient villages, learn ancient cultural etiquette, experience amazing Kunqu opera and folklore activities. As for the Educational Equipment study tour, it will take children to local enterprises like Qiaoxia Educational Toy Market, Kaiqi Group, Zhongxin Science and Education Co., Yalong Group and Yucai Students’ Comprehensive Practice Base. Children will immerse in the factories, workshops and testing centers to experience the production process first-hand, and explore the development of local enterprises based on “quality” and “technological innovation”.