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“Dendrobium Blossom Festival”kicks off in Yueqing
Date:2022-06-27 14:48:55 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The opening ceremony of the“Dendrobium Blossom Festival”

The dendrobium flower, described as “Benevolent, brave, desirable, blessing, pure, lucky and happy”, has become the representative flower of the Father's Day. On June 19th, this year’s Father's Day, the opening ceremony of the “Dendrobium Blossom Festival” was officially held in Dendrobium Valley, Longxi Township of Yueqing City, where bright yellow and soft dendrobium flowers blossomed tenderly. Bearing the unique ecological location advantage of Longxi Township and showing the human characteristics of good fortunate, Dendrobium is a blessing for all fathers.

Taijiquan, cheongsam dance, guqin performance, fashion show... at the beginning of the opening ceremony, the splendid entertainment programs attracted many visitors. Subsequently, Yueqing Agricultural and Commercial Bank and Longxi Township People's Government held the signing ceremony of common prosperity cooperation, aiming at financial assistance to help the construction of remote mountainous regions.

The festival, lasting for two days, will hold a series of activities such as Dendrobium Food Culture Festival, "Dendrobium Waterfall" enjoyment, Dendrobium Processing Skills Competition, Adopting a Dendrobium Tree, etc., together with exciting cultural and sports activities such as Via Ferrata Competition, Dendrobium Waterfall "flash mob" to attract more tourists from the surrounding areas.

There is a local saying that a “fairy grass” enriches the people, and two “smart hands” manage a good family. In recent years, Longxi Township has upheld and strengthened overall government leadership through focusing on the integration of agriculture and cultural tourism. Relying on the association of villages and enterprises, the dendrobium “fairy grass” has become the “common wealth grass” of the people of Longxi Township based on the operation model of “leading enterprises + village cooperatives + farmers” to create “common prosperity workshops”.