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Dongtou Expediting Mfg Enterprises’ Capital and Production Increase
Date:2022-06-25 10:48:01 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

While urban construction is steadily progressing with promising projects to be implemented, inefficient land use still exists with zombie enterprises occupying land resources, which has been the "tigers in the road " holding up the high-quality economic development. In order to effectively solve the problem, Dongtou district has focused on the active use of land, and deepened the reform of measuring enterprises performance by their yield per unit area; meanwhile, it established an industry and labour transferring (double-transferring) headquarters to continue to expand the development space of enterprises by clearing up zombie enterprises and activating land use.

In the production workshops of Zhejiang Huatian Special Materials Co., Ltd.,  busy production is being carried out in an orderly manner. The company, once a zombie enterprise, has been invigorated by an activation project, which started construction at the company in January 2021 and was completed in September of the same year,  making the enterprise realize output above designated size at same time. The enterprise shows a strong driving force of development, conducive to the improvement of the overall level of the mechanical equipment manufacturing industry in Dongtou District.

Chen Jianhua, General Manager of Huatian, told the reporter that with the help of government departments, the company had formed a solution for the company’s problems left, and a construction plan with an approval before implementing the project, which expedited the project construction. "In the process of construction, the relevant departments have given us great support in the construction progress, the project acceptance and other aspects. In the second half of last year, our company developed to the above-designated size. So far, its output value has exceeded 50 million yuan, " added Chen.

Invigorating inefficient industrial land is a key move to expand enterprises’ development space and force them to make industrial transformation, and the follow-up policies and guaranteed services are also indispensable. Dongtou district has set up several special groups for services, investment promotion, construction, etc. under the “double transferring” headquarters, and  released management measures for inefficient land use, regulating the procedures for identifying, transforming, and taking back inefficient land to conduct a graded management of the enterprises to be cleared up. At the same time, related government agencies have formulated an innovative policy on divided industrial land transfer, and varied policies for enterprise with different conditions to learn soonest the problems in enterprise construction.The agencies also handle enterprises’ project filing on their behalf, so as to solve the difficulties of project construction in real time.

In the first quarter of this year, the manufacturing investment in Dongtou increased by 210.7% year-on-year, ranking first in the city. Up to now, with a total investment of 99.01 million yuan, the zombie enterprises’ and inefficient industrial land plots have been effectively activated. "In the next step, according to the “double-transferring” special action plan and ten lists of work requirements, Dongtou will activate inefficient land use, with stress laid on Plot A10 and three land plots, listed at the end of June, in the Yangwen Industry Zone. The land was all originally owned by Luomi and Wentedi companies. The district will provide follow-up services for           10 projects under construction, ensure 8 of them to be completed and put into operation within this year, guide the technical transformation of two projects that have been put in operation, and  strengthen equipment purchase for the projects. The district government is striving to achieve a total investment of 241 million yuan into 12 projects throughout the year, " said Ye Wenhai, Deputy Director of the Dongtou District Financial Work Service Center.