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Wenzhou Institute of Design officially inaugurated
Date:2022-06-25 10:43:46 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Wenzhou Institute of Design (WID), jointly established by Wenzhou Polytechnic and the Ouhai District People’s Government, was officially inaugurated in Ouhai Fashion Intelligent Manufacturing Town on June 18th.

WID is located in Ouhai Fashion Intelligent Manufacturing Town, the first batch of provincial-level characteristic towns in Zhejiang Province, setting a nationwide precedent for vocational education in characteristic towns. The architectural design of the institute embodies novelty and uniqueness; the sparkling water and the wavy grassland complement the gray buildings. The campus includes training, research and innovation space, design exchange center, exhibition space, library, and leisure area. The layout, information-based teaching facilities, and unique design encourage spontaneous and continuous interaction between students and faculty.

Established with the municipal government's approval in 2016, WID has more than 100 faculty members and nearly 1,500 full-time students. It offers seven programs, including footwear design and craftsmanship, and clothing and apparel design.

The institute offers high-level programs with Chinese characteristics in fashion product design, featuring digitalized and international education. Students will spend the first two years at Wenzhou Polytechnic and then come to the institute to join some masters’ studios, municipal and provincial research platforms for research and development of practical and enterprise projects. The institute will launch the in-depth collaboration between the institution of vocational education and enterprises, the integration of industry and education, and tap into the genius of more high-end talents in fashion design for Wenzhou.