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Wenzhou unveils measures to fuel consumption
Date:2022-06-13 10:51:13 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On June 4, the central business districts in downtown Wenzhou were crowded, and consumption picked up.

Wenzhou people’s consumption demand and potential have been stimulated during this Dragon Boat Festival holiday. On June 3 and 4, when the reporter visited some shopping malls, supermarkets, complexes, and commercial streets in Wenzhou, they found that offline consumption showed clear signs of business recovery. In addition, the rising supply and demand of online shopping platforms and the economic vitality of the holidays further stabilize the economy.

Offline consumption recovers

Citizens look forward to “consumer coupons”

At 10:30 a.m. on June 4th, only half an hour after the shopping mall opened, the long queues can be seen outside the many children’s playgrounds of INCITY. Mr. Huang, a father of two kids waiting outside the Naierbao Family Center, said that he had brought his kids to the amusement park for the second time this holiday. According to the park’s manager, the visitors reached 2,000 on Children’s Day and increased during Dragon Boat Festival.

The 2022 “Wenzhou New Consumption” series of activities sponsored by the Wenzhou Municipal Government and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and other relevant authorities are launched to boost consumption. About 20 shopping malls and business complexes, including INCITY, Wuyue Plaza, and Mondodo Town coordinate promotional activities. Many businesses have initiated promotional activities such as discounts, price-break discounts, and value-added services for target customers to stimulate consumers’ demand further. Amid regular COVID-19 control and prevention, it is still impossible to travel far. Many families spent one or half a day in the business complexes or districts during this festival.

In these large-scale business districts and complexes, indoor parent-child parks and other facilities are suitable for the whole family. Many new, peculiar parent-child interactive areas diversify the offline consumption experiences. For example, the pet market in the waterfront district of INCITY and the Lighting Art Exhibition in the Lighting Realm of The MixC have attracted many consumers to take photos and share them on social media.

The consumption coupons and price-break discounts stimulate more citizens, especially many housewives, to flock to the supermarket. At noon of the Dragon Boat Festival, many consumers stopped by the rice dumpling section of the OLE Boutique Supermarket in INCITY. Ms. Liu, who lives in Bailu City, said that she had stocked up on many rice dumplings before the festival, but the discount, “save 30-yuan on every 199 yuan”, was too attractive. So, she still bought some more. Ms. Liu also told reporters that she read the newspaper and knew that the second round of “Wenzhou New Consumption” consumption coupons would be issued after the festival. Hence, she set an alarm clock on her mobile phone to remind her to receive the coupons so she could enjoy discounts at the supermarket or shopping mall. “I hope coupons could be used on more brands and discounts could be more generous.”

At 10:00 am on June 10th, the second round of consumption coupons will be issued. They are divided into three types, including “general coupons,” “household electrical and digital appliances coupons,” and “automobile coupons,” of which the issuing of general coupons is divided into three phases, the first phase of which is from June 10th to June 12th. On the day, the total value of a coupon package is 120 yuan, including two coupons “save 10-yuan on every 25 yuan”, two coupons “save 20-yuan on every 58 yuan”, and one coupon “save 60-yuan on every 168 yuan”; the second phase is from June 16th to June 18th; the third phase of the event is from June 22nd to June 24th. All people in Wenzhou (including those from other cities) can log in to Alipay and search for “Wenzhou Consumption Coupon” to apply for a coupon package.

Online shopping fever

Express service in full swing

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday coincides with the 6.18 online shopping festival. When China looks to prop up retail spending, this year’s 6.18 shopping festival unveils unprecedented promotion, which thoroughly stimulates consumption demand previously affected by logistics restrictions due to the pandemic.

“For consumers, coupons and price-break discounts are still the easiest way to receive discounts.” Ms. Yang told reporters that e-commerce platforms kicked off the pre-sale of this year’s 6.18 event on May 26th. “I have already completed the first round of shopping; there is still nearly half a month before the end of 6.18. If the price of goods is favorable, I will continue the second and third rounds of consumption.”

Mr. Xiao, a twenty-something young man, prefers to buy electronic products and household goods online. After repeated price comparisons on different e-commerce platforms in the past two days, he took advantage of the platform’s discounts to buy products such as mobile phones, computer desks, latex mattresses, wireless vacuum cleaners, etc. “The pandemic force us to spend more time at home, and the demand for household items that make you happier at home has increased significantly, and many friends of mine are upgrading their household appliances.”

The online shopping fever during the shopping festival posed more challenges to couriers. According to SF Express Wenzhou, every courier recently rode 25 to 40 kilometers a day to deliver about 200 items to ensure speedy delivery. At Kaitai Delivery Site, the recent delivery items are 1.8 times the usual. When the reporter saw Yan Xiaofeng, a courier, he had already cycled 30 kilometers and walked more than 21,000 steps on WeChat Sport, “This is my 10th 6.18 shopping festival in SF Express. This year, the delivery went to peak earlier than before. I got up at 6 a.m. and went to the company to unload and sort out the shipments, drink water and eat with other couriers on the delivery motorcar.”