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Wenzhou’s 3 projects listed into Zhejiang’s 2nd batch of Grand Gardens
Date:2022-05-05 11:04:53 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently announced the list of the 2nd batch of Grand Gardens in Zhejiang Province——a total of 26 projects in eight categories, of which three projects from Wenzhou were listed.

Since November 2020, Zhejiang authorities have aimed to protect, inherit and display the excellent local culture and scenic resources. The provincial, municipal, and county cultural authorities will collaborate on the Grand Gardens' construction to explore and nurture some scenic spots with the ecological environment, profound cultural connotation, and unique charm. It will promote the construction of a lively model of the Grand Gardens embodied in”Picturesque Zhejiang”.

The Grand Gardens are divided into eight categories: ancient towns and villages, high-energy scenic areas, famous mountain parks, island parks, heritage parks, industrial platforms, cultural water veins, and ancient forest roads. Liu Bowen’s former residence in Pingyang was selected as a high-energy scenic area. Dongtou Island Park was selected as an island park, and Wencheng Forest Oxygen Bar Town was selected as an industrial platform. The selection consists of local authority applications, department selection, public voting, and expert review. In the expert review, the experts will review the representativeness, distinctiveness, and international reputation of the area and check whether it can play a leading role in the beauty of form, ecology, culture, industry, life, etc. Also, they will consider the function of mass sharing and refer to the number of tourist arrivals provided by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

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