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Wenzhou’s Agri-Industry Park Passes Ministerial Evaluation
Date:2022-05-05 10:45:44 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Ecological Volcanic Soil Tea Park located in Fanshan Town of Cangnan County

A few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas issued a document, informing the mid-term evaluation results of the construction performance of nationwide modern agricultural industrial parks in 2021. The Cangnan Modern Agricultural Industrial Park (CMAIP), only one of its kind in Zhejiang Province, passed the evaluation. It has completed about 65% of the project construction task, and over 50% of the project investment task. The construction will be fully completed by the end of next year.

The CMAIP involves three towns of Lingxi, Qiaodun and Fanshan, with a planned area of 85,000 mu, investment of 1.82 billion yuan and 22 projects. Relying on the two leading featured industries of pigs and tea and other flagship agricultural enterprises, the park will build an industrial cluster based on the combination of large-scale planting and breeding, and supported by the intensive processing of agricultural products, striving to enable the leading industries to achieve an annual output value of more than 3.599 billion yuan by 2023, and increase an annual output value of over 1.463 billion yuan, so as to provide this country with replicable and referential experience in industrial revitalization.

Since being shortlisted in the national modern agricultural industrial park creation list in May last year, the park in Cangnan has launched 17 projects related to beautiful tea gardens, pig farming bases and an agricultural big data center, with a cumulative investment of 912.5 million yuan, which has exceeded the planned investing target of 552.7 million yuan in 2021. As the investment continued to rise, the output value of the park hit 3.05 billion yuan in 2021, a rise of about 1 billion yuan compared with the previous year. It is expected that its annual output value will reach 3.6 billion yuan this year.

The constant increase of the output is attributed to the extension of the primary industry to the secondary and tertiary industries and the integration between the two.  Focusing on the tea and pig industries, the park in Cangnan has been committed to building a whole industrial chain integrating planting, breeding, processing, marketing and tourism, with its annual output value of agricultural product processing industry being 3.36 times that of agriculture, according to Xia Chengpeng, a leader of the special work team of the park.

As one of the key industries in Cangnan, the tea industry has basically realized the integrated development of the whole industrial chain. Last year, the park’s annual output value of tea was 115 million yuan and the comprehensive output value of the whole tea industry chain reached 250.2 million yuan. The park is improving the tea quality by the construction of a new tea planting and processing base, standardized technical transformation of tea plants and other means; it has increased tourism revenue through a beautiful tea garden, Tea Expo Park, Tea Culture Festival and other carriers; it has developed intensive processing products, improving the utilization rate of tea, with the help of scientific research and higher education institutions, and technological agricultural enterprises and other scientific research sectors.

"For a long time, the available tea resources in Cangnan have mainly been spring tea. Therefore, there is still much room to improve the utilization rate of summer and autumn tea," said Xia Chengpeng. He added that the annual output of summer and autumn tea accounts for 50% of the total tea output. They are exploring effective ways to expand the scale of the tea industry. In cooperation with the team led by Chen Zongmao, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Cangnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Cosmetics Co., Ltd. has developed more than 10 kinds of daily chemical products, such as tea facial mask and tea hair conditioner, which is part of the deep-processing products of summer and autumn tea. Ding Yunming, executive director of the company, said that these tea element products, accounting for one tenth of all product types of the enterprise, are made by extracting active components from tea tree stems and leaves, and grinding tea into powder, and that their annual sales have exceeded 100 million yuan.

In recent years, taking advantage of major platforms, such as national modern agricultural industrial parks, national agricultural product quality safety counties,  provincial comprehensive pilot counties for the reform of the "two systems of fertilizer use and pesticide purchase", and provincial digital village pilot counties, Cangnan has promoted resources elements, such as science and technology, talents,  and funds, to gather in the agricultural industry, and formulated policies in its favour, The county is pushing forward the high quality development of agricultural and rural modernization, and marching on a path of rural revitalization to make agriculture stronger, countryside more beautiful and farmers richer.

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