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Taishun’s Water Supply Project Construction in Full Swing
Date:2022-05-31 10:03:29 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The Nanshanxia Reservoir in Da'an Township of Taishun County, with its dam renovation completed last year, is an emergency water source for many nearby townships and towns in dry seasons.

Feiyun lake is one of Wenzhou’s water sources.With its two thirds located within Taishun County, normally, the water flows through its many towns and villages.

However, it is not always the case. In 2019 and 2020, a drought afflicted Taishun, especially its Baoyang, Nanpuxi and Xiaocun Towns along the bank of Feiyun Lake, where all villages had to dig deep wells to meet locals’ needs for drinking water.

To provide a reliable water source and contribute to common prosperity, Taishun County formulated a three-year action plan for building reservoirs. The county people have done all they can and gone through many hardships to implement the plan so that local people can have access to drinking water up to standards and even to higher ones.

Zhangnenzi Reservoir: Taishun people’s water source

What Feiyun Lake is to Wenzhouese, the Zhangnenzi Reservoir is to Taishun people. Recently, the reservoir has had a full impoundment. At the news, locals expected to consume the high-quality water from the artificial lake sooner, so is Mr. Su, who lives in the county town of Taishun. He remarked: “The founding of the reservoir means not only over 100,000 town dwellers can enjoy the mountain spring water earlier, but Wenxiang Lake Park in the county town, after containing the water transported from the “huge water pool”, is to become a more significant scenic attraction, which will enhance our sense of happiness.”

Taishun County has jurisdiction over 12 towns, 7 townships and 289 villages, with a total population of 372,400. Affected by a complex mountainous terrain with only 10 percent of waters and farmland, it is costly and difficult to construct centralized and unified water supply projects. Therefore, the county’s water supply projects feature large number, small size and sparse distribution, which can meet its need of water supply. Taishun County started to build such type of Zhangnenzi Reservoir and water supply project in 2018, with a total investment of RMB 550 million. As a key project at provincial, municipal and county levels, it is a comprehensive water conservancy project with water supply as the main task. Under the leadership of the CPC Taishun County Committee and the county government, and by joint efforts of the County Water Conservancy Bureau and other parties involved, the project has been completed after four years of arduous construction. Recently, the reservoir has been fully filled with water with a height of 582 meters.

Since the start of the Zhangnenzi reservoir project, all related parties have overcome the severe challenges of difficult construction at many widely-distributed sites and tight schedule as well as COVID-19 epidemic, and achieved, as scheduled, the objectives of each construction stage, such as tunnel connection, dam filling, spillway concrete pouring, dam capping, acceptance for water storage, and main body completion. The Zhangnenzi Reservoir has a total storage capacity of 9.94 million m3. After the completion of the project, it can supply 50,000 tons of water per day for urban residents in Luoyang Town with a max. daily water supply of 60,000 tons, which can meet the town’s 80,000 urban residents’ water demand in recent period and that of 130,000 in the future.

Township and town water supply project construction in full swing

Although Baoyang Township in Taishun is in the vicinity of the Shanxi Reservoir,   its water supply insurance rate is low in case of drought and in dry years due to its  insufficient natural water inflow caused by surrounding complex mountainous terrain. Attaching great importance to the solution of the problem, the local government and its water conservancy department have allocated funds to build the Baoyang Reservoir and another emergency standby water source so that there are Shanxi Reservoir as a main water source and also two local supplemental and standby ones to ensure reliable water supply.

On May 9, the invitation to bid for Xiaocun town’s standby water source project with a total investment of RMB 45 million was completed. And the project is about to start construction. Mr. Lin Weibo, an official of the town government, told the reporter that the project can ensure a reliable drinking water supply for nearly 20,000 people in the built-up area and ecological relocation communities of Xiaocun Town.

At present, the villages and towns in Taishun County are competing with each other for the construction of standby water source projects, which plays an important role in improving the drinking water supply in villages and towns, promoting economic and social development, and maintaining social stability. Up to now, Taishun County has successively implemented 12 township water supply projects, with a total investment of 243 million yuan. Among them, eight projects, including those of Baizhang, Sixi, Xiaocun, Shiyang, Yayang, Sankui and Baoyang (Phase I), have been completed. The Baoyang emergency water source (phase II), the Siqian and Dongxi water supply sources, and the Baoyang water supply plant are all under accelerated construction.

In widely located villages, Taishun has implemented “tens of millions of farmers’ drinking water projects” with an investment of RMB 230 million, building more than 500 large and small rural drinking water projects. In 2017, the county completed the implementation of 25 rural drinking water security consolidation and improvement projects in 12 towns and townships, improving the drinking water conditions of 24,800 rural dwellers. From 2018 to 2020, with a total investment of RMB 166.86 million, the three-year action plan for improving rural drinking water standard was implemented with 187 projects completed in 193 villages, benefiting a total population of 164,800. As a result, the use rate of tap water in Taishun County  increased to 99.5%, both water quality up-to-standard rate and water supply assurance rate increased to 95%, and thus rural water supply safety has been effectively guaranteed.

Improving drinking water quality during the 14th Five-Year Plan period

According to an official of the Taishun County Water Resources Bureau, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Taishun County will raise about RMB 500 million of water supply security guarantee funds through regional fund coordination, financing from Wenzhou Water Group, issuance of special bonds and other channels. It is planned to further improve the long-term operation system and mechanism of rural water supply projects with the goal of improving Taishui’s drinking water quality. Focusing on large-scale water supply, the county will further promote the integration of urban and rural water supply, and effectively enlarge the water supply coverage by extending water pipe networks and expanding water plants as far as possible. The county has decided to carry out a new round of upgrading and reconstruction of the water plants (water supply stations) in the county’s towns, townships and villages to increase water supply sources, improve water production processes and its infrastructure. On the other side, making use of the advantages of insurance in raising large amount of funds and settling claims rapidly, Taishun will insure rural water supply facilities in the county against the risk of comprehensive disaster and management & maintenance (an initial insurance kind in China) so as to strengthen supervision over water conservancy.

At the same time, the Taishun County Government will continue to improve the construction of the smart water affairs platform, reinforcing its data-based governance capability, and achieve image-type visualized all-around supervision. According to the construction and management standards for modern water plants (water stations), the county is to complete the infrastructure for power supply, network and so on, install online video monitoring equipment for water volume and quality, and realize the comprehensive digital management of rural water supply. In cooperation with the county's departments of natural resources, transportation, agriculture, rural areas, ecological environment and others as well as the town and township governments,  the county water conservancy department should further promote the protection of the agricultural drinking water sources, with stress laid on strengthening the protection  at the preliminary stage of project construction to prevent the water source destruction caused by agricultural development, livestock and poultry breeding, etc. The county  will resolutely implement the water and soil conservation measures of project construction, strengthen the conservation-related supervision, inspection and law enforcement over production and construction projects, create a good atmosphere of all people participating in the protection of drinking water sources, and promote the continuous improvement of water environment quality.