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Wenzhou’s cultural tourism market launches a series of festival activities
Date:2022-05-31 10:00:28 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Scene of countryside tour in Rui’an

Self-driving in the countryside of Rui’an

Traditional Chinese costumes show in the Lingfeng Peaks Scenic Spot of the Yandang Mountain

In the upcoming tourist season, how does Wenzhou’s cultural tourism “make moves” to seize the new blue ocean of the market? In the past few days, the Wenzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau has integrated the city’s cultural tourism resources and has successively conducted a number of online and offline cultural tourism activities. Under the elaborate preparation and organization by the counties (county-level cities, districts), cultural and tourism policies of benefiting people and the derivative products have been launched in an orderly manner.

Self-driving in the new countryside

Comeing to Rui’an to disvcover the beauty of Wenzhou

With light and quiet music and silky and fragrant coffee, self-driving in the countryside of Wenzhou is just the enjoyment of a good time, by listening to the wind among the mountains, trees and grasses. On May 17th, for the arrival of the May 19th China Tourism Day, the News Conference for the “920 Just Love You: Driving Expedition – Discover the Beauty of Wenzhou” Rui’an Countryside Tour and Rui’an Top Ten Cultural Tourism Festival Activities was held in Caocun Town, Rui’an.

Launched in January this year, the “920 Just Love You: Driving Expedition – Discover the Beauty of Wenzhou” is a festival brand meticulously created by the Wenzhou government with its overall planning of cultural tourism market resources. The first stop of the event was in the form of “self-driving + camping”, to start a journey of enjoying the sceneries of Yandang Mountain and Nanxi River on the most beautiful road. The second stop was in the form of “self-driving + B&Bs (qiaojiale)”, to experience the wonderful landscape of Wencheng and Taishun Counties.

The Rui’an Countryside Tour is the third stop. Participants may drive to the core area of the Coast Pastoral New Field, Tianjingyang, the paragliding base, and other attractions in Rui’an. While enjoying the relaxing self-driving, they could do paragliding, drive motorboats, taste the featured “Jinshi Banquet”, stay at B&Bs in the mountain , and have a full range of leisure experiences.

It’s worth mentioning that the Wenzhou self-driving tour promotional video was launched on the entire network at this conference. The pleasant scenery, unrestrained travel and enjoyable experience aroused the urge for self-driving in the hearts of the participants. The “Wenzhou Self-Driving Travelling Plan” mini program released later covers multi-form themed self-driving tour routes, such as sightseeing, research and exploration, and ancient villages and buildings discovering. Each self-driving designation provides information including driving route navigation, introduction to attractions along the way, food recommendations, discount tickets of local scenery spots, and personalized entertainment.

Tourists and citizens can easily make one-stop travel by simply moving their fingers to search and access to the “Wenzhou Self-Driving Travelling Plan” mini program on WeChat. In addition, the “920 Just Love You” event, in conjunction with the Wenzhou Photographers Association, collected photographic works from citizens, which can vividly display the beauty of Wenzhou in all directions and from multiple angles. After meticulous selection, 92 were shortlisted from 1,226 photographic works. And 11 “ambassadors” were recommended for the promotion of the “920 Just Love You” event.

“In the enchanting Caocun Town, riding can’t be stopped at all, with rice blossoms’ fragrance, along the green river wall.” The beautiful Tianjingyang in Caocun Town was awarded as the charm countryside of the “920 Just Love You: Driving Expedition – Discover the Beauty of Wenzhou”. The recommended routes for self-driving in Rui’an and the top ten cultural tourism festivals events were also officially released. Different routes and numerous activities will greatly meet the various travel and leisure needs of citizens and tourists.

Next, Wenzhou will carefully select the self-driving mark points in the countryside and connect practical, travelable and watchable attractions and B&Bs with specialty coffee, featured farm banquet, paragliding experiences, and other items, to satisfy citizens’ urban leisure travel needs for natural environment, healthy outdoor activities, relaxing entertainment, and gathering.

Travelling among the tung flowers

Feeling the ancient and modern times in Yandang Mountain

Han costumes flashing, parades of flower gods and flying snow-like tung flowers  have decorated Yandang Mountain into an immersive ancient style internet-famous place. On May 19th, the China Tourism Day, free tours in 8 scenic spots, as well as a variety of interactive experiences such as welcoming flower gods, Han costumes shows, traditional wedding ceremony, and music and dancing performances, have been arranged in Yandang Mountian, attracting tens of thousands of tourists to share the experiences on the internet.

The tung flower, which blooms in late spring and early summer, is endowed with metaphorical meanings such as auspiciousness and love in the writings of poets in the Tang and Song Dynasties (7th -13th Centuries). Every May, the tung flowers in Yandang Mountain are in full bloom. Nearly a thousand wild tung trees grow in Lingfeng Peaks, Lingyan Rock, Sanzhepu Waterfall, and other scenic spots, with clusters of snow-white flowers covering the branches. After a breeze blows, those blossoms, just like snowflakes, drift down slowly from the trees, covering roads and water surfaces and forming a special “snow scene”, like a fairyland on earth.

On this year’s China Tourism Day, the tung flowers in Yandang Mountain was just blooming in time. On May 19th, the Lingfeng Peaks, Lingyan Rock, Great Dragon Pond Waterfall, Sanzhepu Waterfall, Fangdong Cave, Xianshengmen Gate, Yangjiao Cave, and Yanhu Lake Scenic Spots were open to tourists from all over the country for free. In the scenic area, the unique charm of the famous mountain was revealed through the display of featured activities one by one. At the Husband-and-Wife Peak in the Lingfeng Peaks Scenic Spot, under the witness of clusters of white flowers, in the transparent and mellow-honey-like early summer sunshine, a romantic journey to the ancient times occurred at the main stage that a traditional Han costumes wedding ceremony attracted the attention of tourists. With the bride’s phoenix coronets, robes of rank and gently moving lotus steps, the bridegroom’s fetching of the bride, and the couple’s bowing, liquor-pouring and tying of tassels and hairs, an ancient wedding custom was restored.

Afterwards, there were the Han costumes flashing and parades of flower gods. Wearing a chest-high ruqun skirt, combing an ancient hairstyle, wearing a jinze kerchief, and darkening the eyebrows, those “flower gods”, in the Yandang Mountain which was full of blooming and gorgeous flowers, were revivifying the solemn and ancient ceremonies, such as burning incense, offering sacrifices, reading sacrificial texts, retrieving the sacrifices, sharing and eating the sacrifices, parades of the flower gods, and auspiciousness offering by the flower gods. Every frame was dreamlike and tremendous. Tourists were guided by “Xu Xiake” (1587-1641), a famous Chinese geographer of the Ming Dynasty, who showed them a different legend of Yandang Mountain and made them take photos frequently.

Tourists travelling in Yandang Mountain may have more benefits. According to the Yandang Mountain Management Committee, after the China Tourism Day entrance free activity on May 19th, from May 20th to 31st, 2022, Wenzhou citizens with their ID cards and residents with their residential cards can enjoy a 50% discount on ticket prices of the eight major scenic spots in Yandang Mountain, including the Lingfeng Peaks, Lingyan Rock, Great Dragon Pond Waterfall, Sanzhepu Waterfall, Fangdong Cave, Xianshengmen Gate, Yangjiao Cave, and Yanhu Lake Scenic Spots. The nearby 36 B&Bs also have offered 30% discount on the accommodation expenses, which has further boosted the popularity of the tourism market and stimulated the consumption potential of the cultural tourism market.

Reminder: A negative result proof of the nucleic acid test for COVID-19 within 48 hours is required for entering the scenic spots and B&Bs. Advanced consultation and appointment are needed on weekends.