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Jan-Apr foreign trade of Wenzhou up 31.7%
Date:2022-05-31 09:56:28 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

It was learned from the Wenzhou Customs on May 24th that from January to April this year, the city's total foreign trade value reached 87.73 billion yuan ($13.02 billion), up 31.7 percent year on year. Exports and imports increased by 31.8 percent and 31.2 percent to 72.90 billion yuan and 14.83 billion yuan, respectively. In April alone, Wenzhou's foreign trade saw a 35.3-percent increase to 23.55 billion yuan,  among which, exports reached 19.04 billion yuan, up 39 percent, while imports reached 4.51 billion yuan, up 25.7 percent.

In terms of exports, mechanical and electrical products and labor-intensive products saw positive growth in the first four months. In April, the export of mechanical and electrical products was 9.72 billion yuan, up 34.8 percent, accounting for 51.0 percent of the total export value of the city. Among which, the exports of lithium-ion batteries and electronic components increased 550 percent and 83.2 percent respectively. Exports of labor-intensive products were 6.48 billion yuan, up 54.9 percent, accounting for 34.0 percent of the total export value of the city. Among which, the exports of shoes and boots, clothing, bags, and toys increased by 63.9 percent, 54.7 percent, 89.0 percent and 100 percent respectively.

In terms of imports, imports of resource products such as ferroalloy, steel, plastics in primary form, and logs increased by 8.8 percent, 346 percent, 40.1 percent and 130 percent respectively, reaching 1.95 billion yuan, 290 million yuan, 190 million yuan, and 180 million yuan respectively, while those of consumer goods declined.  In the same period, the imports of consumer goods saw 520 million yuan, down 21.3 percent, due to the lack of market consumption caused by the epidemic.

In terms of import and export markets, the city's exports to ASEAN and the United States maintained high-speed growth, while exports to the EU and Russia dropped significantly. ASEAN, the European Union and the United States remained the top three export markets for Wenzhou, as they registered export values of 5.34 billion yuan, 3.07 billion yuan and 3.02 billion yuan in April, up 120 percent, 16.4 percent, and 72.2 percent, respectively. Affected by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the city's exports to Russia were 620 million yuan, down 11.7 percent.

Private enterprises are still the main force driving the growth of imports and exports in Wenzhou. In April, the foreign trade value of local private enterprises was 22.35 billion yuan, up 35.6 percent year on year, accounting for 94.9 percent of the city's total. The growth rate, which was 26.1 percentage points higher than the provincial average, drove Zhejiang's import-and-export growth up 33.7 percentage points.