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Wenzhou to build 55 “Citizens Gyms” in 2022
Date:2022-05-31 09:55:31 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The 2022 Wenzhou Mass Sports Work Conference held on May 24 announced that this year’s mass sports highlighted the target of building a “Sports City”, focusing on improving infrastructure and service of sports venues and national fitness activities. More efforts will be spared on the “Citizens Gyms,” the flagship products of Wenzhou’s mass fitness, and 55 new ones are planned to be built this year.

According to Wenzhou Sports Bureau, by the end of 2021, the per capita public exercise area was 2.47 square meters, the proportion of citizens who regularly exercise (excluding students) was 29.4%, and the national physique constitution qualification rate was 94.2%, all of which ranked in the forefront of the province. The “Citizens Gym” pioneered in Wenzhou was promoted nationwide by the Opinions on Building a Higher-level National Fitness Public Service System jointly issued by the General Office of the CPC and the General Office of the State Council. It was published in the People’s Daily. With the continuous advancement of the sports reform pilot that social forces participate in hosting sports events, Wenzhou’s private sports organizations continue to develop. Among over 2,400 sports associations at different levels in Wenzhou, 46 city-level associations have been awarded 3A accreditation or above, and the coverage rate has reached 56%. One more sports organization has been awarded 5A accreditation. 98.8% of the organizations have CPC committees, ranking at the forefront in the province.

This year, the comprehensive deepening of digital sports reform becomes a frequently mentioned topic. Around the sub-scenarios such as “where to go to exercise”, “whom to exercise with”, and “how to exercise”, the local sports authorities will center on smart sports service platform based on the “Cizitens Gym mini-program version 2.0.” And local sports instructors will engage in the management of the national physique testing service application.

In addition, to offer more exercise and fitness space for the people, local authorities will build eight sports parks (with outdoor sports facilities) and 15 football fields (including cage football fields), 14 village-level fitness squares, 26 community multi-purpose sports fields, and 55 “Citizens Gyms” in 2022.