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Civic & Cultural Terrace opens a new world of art
Date:2022-05-26 10:31:23 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Taking the sky as the shelter under the veil of starry night, the “Ten Thousand Expressions of Love” Art Sharing Session was held on May 20th, at the Civic & Cultural Terrace, a new expanded space of the Wenzhou Cultural Center. The new space brings citizens a new nighttime cultural experience.

The event kicked off with Ghanaian singer Percy’s “A World with You, Wenzhou with You”. In addition to the well-known classic old songs sung by the guests, there were also “The Peony Pavilion – Retracing the Dream” performed by Huang Miaomiao from the Yongjia Kun Opera Troupe and African dance performances presented by Wenzhou International Volunteer Performers’ Art Troupe.

The Civic & Cultural Terrace is a new stage created by the Wenzhou Cultural Center for the continuous upgrading of public cultural space, taking advantage of the openness of the terrace on the third floor of the Center. Integrated with diversified concepts, various forms of performances and salons are held from time to time. The relaxing and open space combined with regular artistic activities enriches the nightlife of the citizens in the neighborhood.