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Five sports and leisure areas to be mapped out in Wenzhou
Date:2022-05-23 11:17:09 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Nanxi River Aviation Flight Camp

It is learned from Wenzhou Sports Bureau on May 17th that Wenzhou will make full use of the sports venues and resources related to sports and leisure to shape five sports and leisure areas in 2022. Lucheng, Longwan, Ouhai, Nanxi River and Wentai sports and leisure areas will integrate sports and tourism to facilitate the development of sports industry.

According to an official from Wenzhou Sports Bureau, Wenzhou will capitalize on the regional advantages of Dongtou, Yueqing, Rui’an, Longgang, Pingyang and Cangnan to hold water and air sports, cycling, marathon and other events, and build a sports and leisure industry belt. Efforts will be made to encourage the holding of brand sports events with relevant incentive policies, improve and dynamically manage the List of Key Brand Sports Events in Wenzhou. Meanwhile, Wenzhou will actively introduce sports programs with massive investment and influence, with the focus on cultivating local sports enterprises with national competitiveness. It will also invite in domestic and foreign social capital, as well as well-known sports companies, to invest and start businesses in Wenzhou, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China Sports Industry Group and Wanda Sports, and strive for the landing and implementation of high-quality sports industry projects.

Profiles of the Five Sports and Leisure Areas

Lucheng Sports and Leisure Area Featuring Smart Sports

It will be built based on sports facilities such as Wenzhou Sports Center, Taohuadao Ice and Snow Sports Center, Football Base, Oujiang Road Fitness Belt, Qidu Sports Park and Cycling Fitness Greenway around the Qidu Island.

Longwan Sports and Leisure Area Characterized by Sporting Events

It will tap into such sports venues as Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center and Wenzhou International Tennis Center to organize high-level sporting events.

Ouhai Fashionable Sports and Leisure Area

It will integrate quality resources of sports and leisure bases such as Ouhai Olympic Sports Center, Dragon Boat Base, Dragon Boat Culture Park, CAJERO Equestrian Club, Daluo Mountain National Mountaineering and Fitness Trail, Sanyang Wetland Sports and Leisure Belt, Zeya Outdoor Sports Base etc.

Nanxi River Landscape Sports and Leisure Area

It is built on the basis of Nanxi River Aviation Flight Camp, Longwantan National Forest Park, Henghao International Outward Bound Base, Yannan Yiyuan Integrated Outdoor Sports and Leisure Tourism Base, as well as Nanxi River International Automobile and Motorcycle Cultural Tourism Industry Base.

Wentai Sports and Leisure Area Featuring Sports and Tourism

It will strive for the combined effect by relying on Taishun Baizhang Sports and Leisure Township, East China Grand Canyon Tourist Resort, Xiyang National Aviation Flight Camp and Wencheng Tongling Mountain Ice and Snow Sports Base.