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Wenzhou upgrades greening of pedestrian overpasses
Date:2022-05-18 08:32:04 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

The upgraded Xincheng Avenue overpass

Pedestrian overpasses allow for safety and convenience of pedestrians. Recently, it’s learned from Lucheng District Landscaping Management Center that the center has upgraded the greening of the Xincheng Avenue overpass and the Minhang Road overpass.

This three-dimensional greening upgrading plan includes the flower boxes on both sides of the passages and the bridge deck; Water-saving and environment-friendly technologies will be employed to deploy an intelligent irrigation system with automatic quantitative watering according to humidity; Light water-retaining and fertilizer-retaining substrates are used to keep the moisture in the soil.

In terms of plant selection, drought-tolerant and water-saving flowers are planted according to seasons to keep the flower boxes blossoming all year long, such as planting lantern flowers and flame Nandina in spring, bougainvillea and five-colored plum in summer, and Japanese lingering flowers and golden rhizomes in winter. 452 flower boxes consist of various flowers, such as ivy, five-color plum, lantern flower, Nantian bamboo, mosaic stone, blue snowflake, mosaic vine, etc., diversifying and vivifying the “grey overpasses” to “flowery and green” overpasses.