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Over ¥10B, Windey’s Wind Power Project Settled in Wenzhou
Date:2022-05-17 11:23:22 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Rendering of the Wind Power Zero-Carbon Industrial Park in Dongtou, Wenzhou.

A few days ago, the earliest large-scale wind turbine innovator and manufacturer in China, Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Windey”), signed a contract with Wenzhou government that it will invest in the “Wenzhou Windey Wind Power Zero-Carbon Industrial Park” project in Dongtou District, with a total investment of 10.2 billion yuan.

Wenzhou has taken the development of new energy industry to a new height. At this year’s Municipal Party Congress and Two Sessions, the comprehensive promotion of the strategic layout of “industrial revitalization” was highly emphasized, by proposing to continue to focus on the development of real economy and build the entire chain of the new energy industry, to support creating a more dynamic “happy city featuring a millennial trade port of Wenzhou”.

Previously, the “Wind Power and Photovoltaic Multiplication Project” was launched in Zhejiang, planning to start construction of plants generating a total of 1 million kilowatts’ electricity capacity and reach grid-connected capacity of 600,000 kW in 2022.

The advanced energy storage equipment manufacturing base project signed this time is one of the six sub-projects of the first phase of the “Industrial Park” project, and it is also the first sub-project to be signed and implemented, with a total investment of about 500 million yuan. The project is mainly to develop lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode materials, diaphragm materials, battery management systems, and other industries. After the construction is completed and equipment put into production, the annual output value will be about 3 billion yuan. The LFP cathode material is an important part of lithium-ion battery, having the advantages of high energy density, good cycle performance, safety, and stability. Last year, 455,000 tons of LFP cathode materials were shipped in China, and the sub-industry also had the largest shipments in the cathode material segment.

As the largest manufacturing investment project in Dongtou over the years, the “Industrial Park” project will follow the overall policy of “one headquarters, three bases, and four centers”, focusing on building Windey’s global offshore wind power headquarters, three bases including an offshore wind power industry chain base and a global delivery base for overseas projects, and four centers including a deep and high sea offshore wind power research and development center and an offshore wind power smart operation and maintenance center. The whole project will be constructed in three phases.

According to Fu Lingkun, Marketing Director of Windey, they will also cooperate with Zhejiang University, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Science and Technology Research Institute of China Three Gorges Corporation, and other high-end innovative platforms to focus on the development and application of key offshore wind power technologies such as large megawatt offshore wind turbines, to introduce and settle supporting enterprises of generators, towers, bearings, cooling and lubrication systems, submarine cables, operation and maintenance equipment, and to cultivate and strengthen Wenzhou’s deep and high sea offshore wind power industry chain.

When all projects of Dongtou’s Wind Power Zero-Carbon Industrial Park start manufacturing, the park is expected to achieve an annual industrial output value of over 20 billion yuan and export trade volume of about 500 million yuan, with more than 500 job vacancies.