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First local quality red bayberry to appear on market
Date:2022-05-17 11:18:25 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

On the continuous rainy days, a red bayberry grower in Chashan Sub-district of Ouhai District increases light for the trees in the greenhouse.

"Look, these red bayberries have almost ripened and will be picked in the late part of this month." Lin Yuankui, a leader of Chashan Xinpan Agriculture Co., Ltd. (in Dalaoshan Mountain) happily told reporters that since the construction of boutique bayberry parks, the fruiting rate of the red bayberry growing in it has been high and the maturity period became controllable. They can thus be picked at least half a month earlier then those grown in the open air.

Ding'ao red bayberry, a national geographical indication product, produced in Chashan Sub-district of Ouhai District, has always been regarded as one of the four improved varieties of red bayberries in China. This year, with assistance in the talents and technologies from the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chashan Sub-district, the origin of Ding'ao red bayberry, has started building seven boutique  parks and some smart greenhouses. Owing to the overall aging of red bayberry trees and backward cultivation and management technology, the red bayberry quality is declining. With the academy’s help, the sub-district solved the problem with related technologies.

To improve the red bayberry quality, it is a crucial technology to promote its earlier mature with heat preservation facilities, and it has been listed as one of the five agricultural extension technologies in Zhejiang Province. This technology not only helps the fruit to mature earlier to avoid the harm of plum rain, reduce its drop and prevent diseases and pests, but also ensure its production safety by using no preservatives, as well as improve the fruit quality.

Some time ago, despite continuous cloudy and rainy weather, in the red bayberry greenhouse, its trees are exposed to a specific spectrum that is most suitable for their growth. " Through the remote operation of your mobile phone, you can carry out intelligent and accurate lighting, so that the planting of red bayberry will no longer be at the mercy of weather," according to Yu Zheping, a phD and assistant researcher of the Academy. In the boutique parks, by applying the technologies of heat preservation facilities-aided earlier mature promotion, dwarf pruning, and intelligent and accurate lighting, the fruit drop rate has been reduced by more than 20%, the picking period advanced by 10-15 days, and the high-quality fruit rate increased by more than 30%. As a result, the income per mu can reach 20,000-30,000 yuan.

Wang Shu, a red bayberry grower in Chashan, has been marketing the fruit through e-commerce and livestreaming. In recent years, attracted by the new planting technologies, he has joined the construction of the boutique parks. This year, he has built a greenhouse covering three mu on his Wanmeigu Family Farm, and at present, the 200 red bayberry seedlings planted in it are growing well. " I hope I can drive more farmers in the village to join the fruit planting through my own demonstration so as to plant high-quality Dingao red bayberry, expand its brand influence, and increase agricultural efficiency and farmers' income, " said Wang. He added that with the help of dense planting, tree dwarfing, earlier mature promotion and other technologies, the boutique red bayberry park will be built into a modern agricultural sightseeing park for tourists’ learning, leisure and picking.

It is reported that the construction of the boutique red bayberry parks is an integral part of Ouhai District's implementation of the "five excellence projects" for the revitalization of Ou-tangerine and red bayberry industry. The district's financial department gave the fruit growers subsidies equal to 70% of their total investment in the industry. Under the organization of the department, 31 batches of experts came to the parks to provide special guidance on six key technologies for red bayberry cultivation, such as earlier mature promotion, its tree dwarfing, intelligent and accurate lighting, and the digital application of water and fertilizer. In addition, it has provided them with agricultural financial credit, such as "red bayberry loans", and planting technology training by livestreaming.