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New progress made in building Wenzhou into an international wetland city
Date:2022-05-14 10:18:29 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Since early 2022, Wenzhou has been in full swing to build itself into an international wetland city with better ecological environment, human-nature harmony and co-existence of city and wetlands. As of May 7, the city submitted the applications to nominate its Nanji Islands, a national nature reserve, as the wetland of international importance, with other 3 places applied for wetlands of national importance and 4 places proposed as provincially important wetlands.

In light of the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat (the Ramsar Convention) and Measures for the Nomination and Certification of International Wetland Cities, Wenzhou will follow the basic principle of putting people and ecological conservation first, carrying out science-based wetlands restoration, and jointly improving and sharing its wetland resources. With the main projects of “Ten Important Wetlands and Hundred Rural Wetlands”, “comprehensive management of water in five aspects” and “Blue Bay”, Wenzhou is to systematically work on the ecological restoration, industry, culture and management of urban and rural wetlands. The city will also strictly monitor the use of wetlands to better protect their ecological function and biodiversity.

A two-step action plan is taken as Wenzhou runs for international wetland city. At a minimum, the city will establish 1 wetland (wetland park) of national importance and has 10 wetlands certified as provincial wetland parks by June 2023. Another 2 wetlands of national importance will be established by 2024, together with the boundary markers, ecological monitoring facilities, publicity and education centers, and organizational structure of the 10 provincial wetland parks fully developed. As the city plans to build or improve about 100 micro and small wetlands, its wetland coverage rate is supposed to reach over 16%, wetland protection coverage rate over 55%. Thus, Wenzhou will be a coastal wetland city featuring three Rivers, miles of coastline and boundless waters.