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First event of 2022 Wenzhou Youth Art Week kicked off
Date:2022-05-14 10:15:30 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

“As Far As You Can See – Music-Dance-View Cross-Disciplinary Art Salon” held in Shangen Music Village on May 8th

On May 8th, the Wenzhou Youth Art Week kicked off in Shangen Music Village, where faculty members and students from School of Music and College of Fine Arts and Design of Wenzhou University(WZU) joined hands to stage an enjoyable and immersive event that combined elements of music, dance, art and design. Titled “As Far As You Can See – Music-Dance-View Cross-Disciplinary Art Salon”, the first event of the Wenzhou Youth Art Week exhibited creative design works in the middle of beautiful music and dance.

At the event, 43 young designers majoring in costume design in WZU brought 129 sets of elaborate works with various design styles to show their understanding and pursuit of fashion art. Their works included such elements as hope and struggle, future and retro trend, romance and avant-garde, urban and folklore style. Meanwhile, 22 pieces of works created and produced by 22 students majoring in costume display in WZU opened for the audience beautiful “city windows” through the flexible use of photoelectricity and other rich expression techniques in the windows. Their subjects ranged from virtual creatures, traditional elements to natural scenery. Excellent musicians and dancers from the School of Music of WZU performed a number of high-quality music and dance works that linked the past, present and future, such as Us and Capriccio of Dance and Music, guiding the audience to feel the beauty in the dialogue with music. Qiu Yitang, a music teacher from WZU commented that the event was titled “As Far As You Can See” to signify both the results seen at present and the bright future and infinite possibilities for youth.

Another golden event to follow was the “Singing Chinese Songs Together” vocal salon, which was also a highlight of the Youth Art Week. The vocal salon was presented by Chen Dashuai, Associate Professor of School of Music of WZU and winner of the 11th China Golden Bell Award. In the form of lecturing and singing, he led the audience through the beauty of Chinese songs in different modes and styles of singing, and performed a series of melodious Chinese music pieces to the accompaniment of piano and cello by outstanding teachers and students from the School of Music, WZU, including Chen Luwen, Zhao Guangwen, Zhang Shuchang and Xi Yingjie. The relevant person from WZU stated that the Youth Art Week set up a stage for young talents in colleges and universities to showcase themselves and communicate with each other. The two art salons demonstrated the practice teaching level and characteristic teaching achievements of colleges and universities in Wenzhou, and exemplified how the city’s young talents could promote aesthetic education in rural areas with the power of art.

Youth is the light of hope for the “Millennial Trade Port”. 2022 Wenzhou Youth Art Week, as a new cultural brand column of the “10th Wenzhou Citizens Art Festival”, sets up 10 sub-events, including the Art Exhibition “As Far As You Can See”, Collections of Song Flavored Wenzhou Culture (here “Song” refers to the Song Dynasty <960-1279>) , Classical Concert and Modern Concert, to promote the integration of fashion and leisure, modernity and tradition, art and experience. Positioned as a cultural festival with international influence, it will facilitate a “15-minute quality cultural life circle” that integrates urban and rural areas, and contribute to a more vibrant “Wenzhou – a happy city featuring a millennial trade port”.