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Lucheng district to build “dragon-shaped park”
Date:2022-05-10 08:45:04 Source:Wenzhou·China Fonts:[ Large Medium Small ]

Effect View of the Qidu Dragon-shaped Park, located in Banqiao Community, in front of Wenzhou No. 26 Kindergarten

Recently, the Lucheng district government invested 258 million yuan in building a new dragon-shaped park covering an area of 251.5 Mu (167,675m²) in the Qidu Subdistrict. The preliminary design plan now has been completed.

The Qidu Dragon-shaped Park, located in Banqiao Community, southwest of Qidu Island, is a supporting infrastructure project of Wenzhou International Future Technology Industry Island in Lucheng District. The project schematic design was completed in October 2021, and the compiling of the preliminary design text has started. The project includes nine green land plots. In December 2021, the project design conditions and boundary lines were officially issued.

The design of the Qidu Dragon-shaped Park embodies simplicity and grandiosity, incorporates different landscaping factors such as science, technology and local culture, and displays the design concept of a new, unique and special park. Plant selection is perfectly optimized for the seasonal change and demonstrates creativity, highlighting the colorful visual effects and the application of new naturalism. Characterized by the hometown of overseas Chinese, this comprehensive waterfront park will combine different functions such as sightseeing, fitness, children's entertainment and science popularization, and meet the requirements of the future community.

Recently, the Lucheng District Comprehensive Law-enforcing Bureau initiated a discussion meeting on the design plan. “After listening to the report on the preliminary design plan, the participating experts put forward suggestions regarding park planning, plant collocation and functional construction of blocks.” An officer of the bureau introduced that the experts' opinions included integrating science and technology, local culture, and the concept of sponge city into the design and building up a smart park management system. “We will continue to improve the design plan according to experts’ opinions.”